This week we are featuring Aline de Paula (Missdizzzy) from Brazil for our Collector’s Spotlight. Aline began re-collecting about four years ago. She’s the kind of collector who wants everything and doesn’t have just one standard collection. She likes little toys, large toys and random collectibles…There are no limits. Aline also loves handcrafted items. Her Pokémon collection has several customized items including her favorite trainers that she made from Pinypon dolls and polymer clay. To see more of her collection on Gemr, click here.

1. How did you first get into collecting?

Untitled-4I first began collecting when I was twelve years old. I watched Pokémon and Sailor Moon for the very first time and I got a few things. But, children grow up too fast and forget their childhood toys. Unfortunately, my mom gave away most of my collection.
Then, when I was about twenty years old, I fell in love with a Brazilian shoe brand, Melissa, became addicted and had about thirty pairs. Now, I’m thirty years old and I collect anime and games. About four years ago, I started searching for new releases and old things I had in my childhood. I actually collect Pokémon (Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite and Snivy/Servine/Serperior), Sailor Moon (Sailor Venus specifically) and Yoshi and Operetta from Monster High.

2. Where do you usually go to find items to add to your collection?

I live in Brazil which makes collecting a challenge. Here, things are very hard to find and are usually much more expensive than in other countries. Unfortunately, many people sell counterfeit items posed as original items at such a high price. In the beginning, I bought a lot of bootleg things trusting they were original which was very sad. Now I get everything online from sites such as AmiAmi, HobbyLink and Sunyshore. I have a nice friend who helps me with Pokémon Center and Bandai Premium items that are sold only in Japan. Monsters High items are now selling in Brazil, so those are easier to get!

3. Which item is your absolute favorite?


My D-Arts Mewtwo and my S.H.Figuarts Sailor V!! Think about that toy that you were dreaming about all of your childhood. For me, it was the Mewtwo! I was dreaming of something exactly like the D-Arts when I was younger. I preordered it on the very first day and experienced endless happiness when I finally put my hands on it!Sailor Venus/V is my favorite Sailor. Sailor Moon has a special meaning to me! I love this anime! Ever since Sailor Moon SH Figuarts were released, I was hoping there would be a Figuart for Sailor V. It finally came and I’m totally crazy about it!

4. How much do you think your most valuable item is worth?

Hard to say. I usually try not to think about it. To think about how much I’ve spent on my collection makes me sad! Anyway, I noticed my favorite and most valuable  item (D-Arts Mewtwo first wave) has been sold on eBay for prices between $289 and $600!! I NEVER want to sell this one, but if someday I change my mind, it wouldn’t be for anything less than $500.

5. Would you ever consider selling your collection?

Okay… Never say never! About six years ago I’d never think about selling my Melissas! Most of them were sold to complete my Sailor Figuarts collection and my Nintendo 3DsXL Yoshi’s version. Today I can’t even think about selling a little Pokémon figure, but if someday I change my mind, I’m sure I’ll give them nice homes!

6. Do you go to events where you can meet people who collect?

Of course! There are a few events for Pokémon and Sailor Moon collectors (Pokémon fans usually meet each other to play the games), but I love to go to them! I meet other collectors on Facebook or Whatsapp groups as well. Most of them are from other states. It’s nice because I’ve made a lot of friends!

7. Do you think your collection will ever be “complete”?


No! Maybe the specific collections (Dragonite, Serperior, Sailor Venus, Operetta and Yoshi), but not my collection as a whole. Actually, my Operetta collection is almost complete! Pokémon is something that never ends, or at least I really hope it never ends! As long as they keep producing new things, I’ll keep supporting it! Same for Super Mario series. Give me lots of Yoshi, please! Sailor Moon 20th anniversary also seems far from an end, of course!

8. Do your friends and co-workers know about your collectibles?

Yes, they know! Some of them read my blog and like my pictures! Most of them like my collection too. 

9. What is your “holy grail” item?

I don’t have a holy grail item that actually exists! That’s my problem-the item I dream of doesn’t exist! Lance is my favorite Pokémon character and I’m really dreaming of a Nendoroid, a Mega House figure, a PPP figure… Anything from Lance! I have lots of customs and handcrafted items from him, but I really want an official item. He deserves it! I’ve been waiting for Mewtwo and Sailor Moon Figuarts for about 15 years so I think I can wait a little for a Lance Nendoroid!



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