We hope you’re reading this with the lights on because we’ve got an exceptional, spooky Halloween edition of Collector Spotlight! We’re about to take an insider’s look at the curator behind the Horror Club, MrFrights! We promise this will be a frighteningly good time. MrFrights has posted over 1300 items to Gemr alone. Just take a peek — if you dare — at his room full of horror memorabilia! Follow MrFrights and enter his scary world! Mwahahahaha!

MrFrights by Seth Lyons

Even as a young Fright, MrFrights was a collector. It may have started innocently with baseball stickers and then blossomed into trading cards as a teenager, but it wasn’t until a young MrFrights was working at the now-defunct KB Toys that he found his passion for horror collecting. You see, there was an 18-inch Ash action figure from Army of Darkness in the window. You see, MrFrights is a big — no, make that huge — fan of the movie and actor Bruce Campbell. MrFrights describes the moment as seeing “golden light showering the object with a chorus of angels singing in the background.” Back then he didn’t know anything about serious collecting, he just knew deep down inside he had to have that glorious Ash figure! He spent almost his entire paycheck to purchase the figure. MrFrights considers this very piece to be the first official addition to his collection. When he found out McFarlane Toys — then Spawn Toys — has an entire series called Movie Maniacs, it was all over. Cue more angels singing! He has fond memories of long ago when he had a single shelf dedicated to the one large Ash figure with a few Movie Maniacs items all spread out to make the shelf look full. Heck, MrFrights remembers when he had room in his house for his collection!

MrFrights by Tony Smith

The wise MrFrights has always said: “Collect what you love.” He loves, loves, loves horror. Specifically, he loves the characters Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, the Headless Horseman and others. Don’t doubt this discerning collector, if he doesn’t love it, he doesn’t buy it. Even when it comes to sets, he’ll totally skip the ones that don’t *scream* buy me. He looks for good sculpts and awesome accessories in his collector items. He likes items with a “cool factor” like lighting up, glowing and making sounds. He also considers whether it would look cool in a particular spot in his house. He even has black lights installed for ghoulish effects! Cost is secondary for MrFrights. If he finds a totally cool item he loves and can afford it, he’ll hunt it down and make it his!

Mere photos do NOT do MrFrights’ collection any justice. In fact, people often remark at how large his collection is and marvel all the different movies represented. The size, genre focus, and diversity are what make his collection so unique. His collection is not random, nor is it everything that’s ever been out there. There’s a method to his madness — he focuses on classic and contemporary horror icons. He prefers pieces that are recognizable to fans for their contribution to horror storytelling. MrFrights wants to live in a horror menagerie, surrounded by figures, pictures, furniture, decorations, and daily use items. He enjoys meeting fellow horror collectors because he’s constantly trying to learn new things about collecting and is always on the lookout for items he may have missed in his own collection. This prolific horror enthusiast has been a serious collector for over 20 years now!

You probably saw this one coming, but MrFrights would watch more horror movies if he didn’t have to sleep. Just picture it: he’d sit in his main collection room that’s set up to be an entertainment spot in his home with a bar and TV. Of course, there would be horror themed drinks and snacks at hand as he enjoys a scary horror flick he may have missed! Or, perhaps, he would rewatch a personal favorite for the umpteenth time. MrFrights would also surely be looking for the next collectible to add to his vast collection, and we can’t wait to see what is will be!

Written by Gemr
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