Looking for some fantastic collectibles across a diverse – and boy, do we mean very diverse – variety of fandoms and genres? We’ve got a veritable feast for your eyes with this week’s Collector Spotlight, MrRice. He’s got original comic art, premium racing sports cards, and celebrity autographs galore! With over 700 items uploaded to Gemr alone, there are items galore for everyone to adore!

MrRice has been gemr-ing for almost three years! Luckily for us, he discovered Gemr through Comicbook Girl 19’s podcast while listening at work. Comic Book Girl 19 not only has a podcast on Twitch, but she also has an incredibly popular YouTube channel that explores movies, comics, and pop culture. Give her a follow — right after you follow MrRice on Gemr!

Collecting is all in the family for the busy MrRice! His father was an antique dealer in Portland, Oregon. MrRice got a great education when he worked for his dad as but a young, green grain — see what we tried to do there? As you can tell, he came by the collecting bug honestly. Some of the very first items MrRice began collecting were foreign coins and military patches. Bonus! He’s uploaded some from each genre to galleries on Gemr!

An item has to grab MrRice’s attention from ten feet away. Not merely content with meh, collectibles have to be special if they want to hold a place in his well-curated collection. Thanks to access to a comic shop, MrRice was able to amass a huge selection of comic books when he thought they were a particularly hot commodity. You can see his collection of comics for yourself: here, here, here, and here. Also, here and here. There are actually many MORE beautifully photographed and well-organized comic book galleries, so give him a follow and a scroll!

MrRice is also a foreign currency connoisseur! He collects mint examples of foreign currency notes. He finds the artwork and security features very interesting. Cleverly, MrRice has photographed the notes for insurance purposes and cataloged them all on Gemr for our, and yours, enjoyment. The internet has been a boon for MrRice’s foreign currency collection and made collecting that much easier.

We asked our new BCF – Best Collector Friend – if he collects with the intent to complete a series, and, as it turns out, we’ve been asking a trick question all along! Of course, he’s interested in new items! He IS a collector after all! He may find all the items in one series, but there’s ALWAYS the next thing/figure/item/merch to obtain!

Photo credit: Gil Gerard and Erin Gray

Everything and we do mean everything, that MrRice has collected was a deliberate action, a memory or an occasion. He especially loves original comic artwork and collects a horror series entitled Uber. Once upon a time, in a land known as Phoenix Comicon, he was able to meet and speak with the author Kiren Guillen and the artist Caanan White. White was sketching on blank covers, so MrRice bought six of them. He now has an awesome set of heroes and villains. Each cover is absolutely unique and one of a kind and signed by both Guillen and White. One time, MrRice did stumble upon another one in a local shop but has yet to come across another one.

MrRice is a collector on the move! This does make collecting and displaying a little tricky, however. Most of his collection is stored, and he doesn’t necessarily have the access to it that he would like. Fortunately – for the Gemr-verse AND MrRice – he has been taking photos of his collection. Now, he can enjoy his collection wherever he may find himself.

Preservation is the key, fellow collectors! His primary goal is to preserve his vast assortment of collectibles in their original state. Unfortunately, damage does occur on occasion. When that does happen, MrRice sees it as an opportunity to pop the item out of the packaging and put it on display.

Talk about the holiest of holy grails! He’ll have to get in line for this one because his most coveted item is George Lucas. Yes, THE George Lucas of Star Wars fame! WANT! For now, Mr. Lucas is a little of his MrRice’s price range – LOL.

If you have cash – lots of it in small bills – and a U-Haul truck, you could be the proud owner of MrRice’s vast and varied collection! In all seriousness, twenty years down the road, there may be a sunset on a beach that he would be willing to de-clutter his life for.

MrRice has a unique collection that tells the viewer a little bit about the collector behind it all. If a collection could speak, it would communicate the assemblers likes, values, and interests. Some people may appreciate MrRice’s collection, others, maybe not. But all in all, his collection has brought him a lot of enjoyment and kept him more than a little sane.

If MrRice didn’t have to sleep, he would… take a nap! After all, never underestimate the value and tenacity of a well-rested collector! Now that you’ve gotten to know the collector mastermind behind it all, hit that follow button for MrRice!

Written by Gemr
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