In Collector Spotlight, we don’t always ch ch ch ch, but when we do, we ah ah ah ah. This week we’re taking a “stab” at highlighting Gemr member Neeldawg66 and his horrific collection. Not only does Neeldawg66 have a splendid Horror collection, he’s got nostalgia flowing through his veins. Turn on all the lights and let’s meet the collector behind such memorable collections as Sideshow Premium Format figures….and Garbage Pail Kids Mystery Minis.

Neeldawg66 first discovered the Gemr community via our Collection Complete episodes starring Sean Clark from Horror’s Hallowed Grounds. What’s Collection Complete? We’re glad you asked because it gives us a chance to shamelessly plug the docuseries we are beyond proud to present! Collection Complete – available on YouTube with fresh, never rancid, bi-weekly content – takes an in-depth look into the lives of artists and the collections that fuel their work.

Enough about the Gemr produced docuseries you should subscribe to so you never miss an episode, and let’s get back to the collector of the hour, Neeldawg66! As a young pup, not yet a dawg, he collected smaller things like Garbage Pail Kids cards and movie posters. As he matured into a full grown dawg, he began to collect some of his favorite movies on VHS and DVD. For Neeldawg66, the collecting universe expanded in the early 2000s when he began to notice collectibles featuring favorite horror icons like Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and of course, Jason Voorhees.

When putting together his “horrible” collection, Neeldawg66 looks for merch from TV series and movies that he’s seriously interested in. He used to be a serial collector – pun intended – and obsess over completing sets, but he has since changed his focus. Now, he wants collecting to be fun and enjoyable, not stressful! Neeldawg66 enjoys collecting and we get to enjoy his sweet uploads on Gemr!

With 1029 items that we know about *there could be more buried in the backyard* you would think Neeldawg66 would have a hard time choosing a favorite item. You would be wrong. His favorite item is a Sideshow Premium Format Leatherface figure. Not only is the gore-splattered figure highly detailed, even the base is intricately carved with the butcher’s victims. Sideshow really slaughtered the competition with this statue!

Organization is always key! Whether organizing items into 23 categories on Gemr or displaying such a large collection in real life, it’s important to have a system. Neeldwawg organizes his collection by theme and type of collectible. For example, all Funko Pops are together and NECA figurines are congregated in one spot. He aims to put figures together in a way that makes sense. As for Blu-rays, DVDs, and CDs, Neeldawg goes full on practical and alphabetizes his media.  

Ah, the age old collector’s conundrum! Should collectibles be left minty fresh in original packaging OR should they be displayed in full naked unboxed glory? Neeldawg66 considers each piece on a case by case basis and makes a final judgement call based on epicness! Most of his mech is in fact unboxed, but some items are simply more epic in their packaging so he leaves them boxed.

Our BCF – Best Collector Friend – is in search of a multitude of items to add to his already impressive collection. Neeldawg66 does indeed want to get his hands on certain items but they are as elusive as a rasping, rapping, tapping sound at an inadequately shut window late on dark moonless night. That is to say, the stuff Neeldawg66 wants to add to his collection is either to difficult to find or extremely expensive.

Forget digging up bodies, you’d have to dig up some bags of cold hard cash if you want to get your hands on Neeldawg’s collection. He’d have to be in dire straits to part with his collection but there a few items he’d be willing to sell if he needed the room for even more items.

Neeldawg66’s collection is totally unique, and not just because it sends shivers down spines…or even because it’s such a large collection. His collection is unique because it exemplifies all of his different interests. Sure, there’s horror and slasher merch galore, but you will also find Star Wars, Batman, 80s action movies and Disney items.

Just look at his stuff, isn’t it neat? Neeldawg66 enjoys the space he has created for himself in his basement/collection room. It truly is his favorite place to hang out. Dude, send us a raven, we want an invite!

We were expecting an answer like watching movies, playing video games or hunting collectibles when we asked Neeldawg66 what he would do with his extra time if he didn’t have to sleep. At this point in his life, Neeldawg66 would spend quality time with his wonderful daughters, ages five and one. We can’t wait to see what else this horror collector with a streak of 80s nostalgia has in store for us!

Written by Gemr
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