Please give a big hello and “follow” to NoeVelez01! Noe likes collecting everything from books to comics, toys to statues, AND anything pop culture and strange. Did we mention strange? So, where does he find all of his amazing collectibles? Well, sometimes they find him! To see the wide variety of items in his vast collection, click here to head on over.

NoeVelez01 prefers to focus on pop culture items, but his collecting roots go back to his grandmother in Mexico and her Coca-Cola promotional items. He has fond memories of her bottle collection and the stories about them. Once upon a time, his dad tried to convince a young Noe to collect coins and stamps, but he had other ideas! Noe started collecting Super Mario toys instead. At the time Nintendo focused primarily on their games, so when he couldn’t find anything related to our favorite plumber bros, he opted to move on to items that he found a bit more interesting. If it’s not interesting, well….he’s not collecting it!

Noe looks for good conversation starters in his pieces. Cultural influence and uniqueness are also important when determining if a piece is just right for his collection. We think he’s doing one heck of a job, and we couldn’t wait to ask him about his collection! This somewhat shy guy views his collection as an icebreaker. (It’s working!) His unique collection may be seen as inconsistent to some, but it DOES spark conversation and your eyes never get bored because it’s so broad. In fact, we bet anyone can find something in his collection to enjoy and talk about! If eclectic NoeVelez01 didn’t have to sleep, he’d use his extra time to research his collectibles and search for new items being released. We can hardly wait to see what’s next for this intrepid collector.

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