You may know him as the Curator of the Anime Figures Club and Robot Wars BBC Club, but he’s also a custom figure maker! Please welcome Peppy4Brawl as this week’s Collector Spotlight! Along with his custom figures, he also loves showing off his sick collection of SH Figuarts and video games. Peppy4Brawl has an entire gallery dedicated to cool figure displays and exciting pairings that’s a Gemr must see. Give him a follow today and never miss an item he shows off on Gemr!

Peppy4Brawl began his sweet collection around 9 years ago. As often happens, collecting runs in his family! His cousin had a totally rad compilation of figures and introduced Peppy to the joys of collecting lines such as Figma and SH Figuart. When he realized how diverse these lines were, Peppy began compiling his own collection of figures. He started with his favorite nostalgic characters and went from there.

Two things are especially essential to Peppy4Brawl when deciding which figures to add to his collection. We can tell from his photos of figures in dynamic poses that high articulation ability is a top priority! And secondly, accuracy is crucial to this discerning collector. Peppy4Brawl finds Figma and SH Figuarts lines to have the best quality, and he has amassed some pretty impressive pieces from them!

Peppy’s unique collection features a diverse range of figures from many franchises. He has high-quality figures from Dragon Ball Z, Mega Man, Pretty Cure/PreCure and Cyborg franchises. And we haven’t even mentioned his large Amiibo, Star Wars, and Kamen Rider Collections! Luckily for everyone, Peppy’s extensive collection is beautifully displayed on Gemr with almost 650 items in 16 collections.

What would our avid collector do with his extra time if he didn’t have to sleep? He would spend more time with his family….awwww! Regarding collecting and hobbies, he would catch up on older series like Super Sentai and Ultraman. Not just a collector, this gamer would also play through his backlog of video games.

You can spot many of Peppy4Brawl’s fantastic high-quality figures in the club that he curates, the Anime Figures Club! This club is dedicated to the sharing, appreciation, collecting, and trading of all sorts of Anime Figures. From Mech to Sailor Moon, all figures will be welcomed. Post all of your favorite figurines and join the discussion!

Written by Gemr
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