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You’ve met him. Liked his more than 2K items. Joined his Sideshow Collectibles Club. Browsed his varied collections. Now, it’s time to re-introduce you to the Mad Collector from Dubai, the one, the only: Pop_Culture_Mad! Way back in 2016, when Gemr was just a brand new fledgling community, we interviewed Pop_Culture_Mad for the first incarnation of Collector Spotlight – but a lot has changed since then! To find out exactly what has evolved, you’ll have to keep reading.

an image of pop culture mad with his holy grail item reflected in his shades.

Back in the days when Gemr still sported a purple logo, OG user Pop_Culture_Mad uploaded his first item. Within a few months, he shared an impressive 298 items in 41 categories. Since our original interview with the Mad Collector three years ago, he has uploaded a whopping 2,152 items to an impressive 129 collections. As his Gemr username suggests, you can expect to find everything pop culture adjacent in Pop_Culture_Mad’s collection. Beautifully photographed with detailed descriptions, you will discover galleries featuring such subjects as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men, Masters of the Universe and Transformers. And! Let’s not leave out Big Boy Toys and Bling!

a bunch of items that pop culture mad owns, including teenage mutant ninja turtles, star wars, masters of the universe, and transformers.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Pop_Culture_Mad began collecting with a Star Wars gift set at age 5. The “hoard gene” has been with him since he was a youngster. It progressed from Star Wars memorabilia to Atari 2600 games, and from there to NES. Collecting didn’t just stop at video games and peripherals – Pop_Culture_Mad branched into high-end figures like an XM Studios Black Widow, Sideshow Collectibles Gray Hulk, and an Elite Creature Collectibles Hulk Maquette.

Pop Culture Mad wearing fandom items

Pop_Culture_Mad looks for pieces that he connects with – usually pieces that are based on memories he has from his childhood. For some sweet photographs of his collectibles that will stir childhood memories, check out his galleries on Gemr featuring Transformers, G.I. Joe action figures and classic mini arcade consoles. Pop_Culture_Mad has a keen eye and views his pieces as aesthetically pleasing works of art. We have to agree! He has a magnificent collection. Clearly, he’s also been bitten by the completionist bug.

a collection of resident evil items

Out of his more than two thousand plus items uploaded to Gemr, Pop_Culture_Mad absolutely has a favorite – his Predator statue. Wait. Not his Predator Bad Blood statue by Sideshow Collectibles. Nor is it his Palisades Toys Predator 2 Triumphant statue. Folks, Pop_Culture_Mad’s very favorite item of all time is his Cinemaquette Predator. Seriously, just look at it. LOOK. AT. IT.

a very detailed predator statue

Within the collecting-verse, there are many mysteries. Perhaps the biggest mystery of all is how to organize one’s collection. There are many possible methods of organization, such as by size or theme. Pop_Culture_Mad is still searching for an answer to that age-old question, but for now, he primarily organizes by medium.

Our newest BCF – Best Collector Friend – is also a photographer and has even won an award! Pop_Culture_Mad’s photography hobby nicely compliments his collecting proclivities and Gemr is all the better for his sweet photos! He is primarily an out of the box collector so he can take those amazing photographs, but he does have some items that are still encapsulated.

If you’d like to get your hands on some of Pop_Culture_Mad’s treasures, you MIGHT be in luck. He has often leaned towards not selling his collectibles, but life has taught him many lessons — one of them is never say never! If the price is right, hey, why not? Pop_Culuture_Mad even has a gallery on Gemr devoted to items that he has sold but not forgotten. He describes that particular gallery as “Lost but not forgotten…Sacrificed to give room to new treasures.” Beautifully put, sir!

The Mad Collector from Dubai has one heck of a holy grail! It truly is….reaching for the stars! He would love to own – wait for it – a CGS SS Comic signed by the entire OG Star Wars cast. Well, we’ll be a bunch of scruffy-looking nerf herders! Why didn’t we think to dream so big??? Pop_Culture_Mad already has a Star Wars Collection with highly coveted Sideshow Collectible statues like the Mythos line Ben Kenobi and Darth Maul but there’s always room for that coveted graded signed comic!

Pop_Culture_Mad has a truly unique collection. Not only does he draw inspiration from the West, he also draws from the Far East. His pieces have also been influenced by decades of pop culture. Whether his treasures range from autographed items to vinyl records, he has certainly made his mark with the sheer diversity of his collection.

Our BCF, aka the Mad Collector from Dubai, aka Pop_Culture_Mad, has a plan for all the hours he would gain by not sleeping. A collector through and through, he would spend his extra time completing the cataloging of his collections and finalizing their display. We can’t wait to see what else Pop_Culture_Mad has is in store for us, in terms of collectibles AND photography! Don’t forget to hit that follow button to see everything in his varied and beautifully photographed collection!

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