We’ve got a Trekkie to share with you for this week’s Collector Spotlight! Meet PurpleSloth! His diverse collection includes everything from DC Universe memorabilia and Cher keepsakes to Looney Tunes. Of course, he also collects assorted Sci-Fi items with a special place of pride for Star Trek’s Spock, Vulcans, and Romulans. With over 200 items in 21 collections, there’s plenty to explore. Let’s take a deep dive into PurpleSloth’s collections and meet the collector behind it all!

Like most collectors, PurpleSloth began collecting as a kid. Young Sloth was different from the other kids though! He had reverence for his toys and books and was always very careful with them. He preferred when his Masters of the Universe figures more closely resembled their characters on the show. Even after just a quick browse of his varied collection, you’ll notice most of his collection is tied to TV and film. He enjoys being able to own a physical representation of his favorite media and feels it connects him in a more personal way.

The nostalgic collector has a special affinity for Star Trek, especially anything related to TOS’s First Officer, Mr. Spock. It all began when PurpleSloth was but a young tyke of 10. The messages of Star Trek really started to click with him and ever since then, Star Trek has held an important place in his life. He relates to the stoic Vulcan science officer as someone who is more comfortable in solitude than crowds and as one who prefers logic to emotions.

Gemr BCFs – Best Collector Friends – can clearly see that he collects all things Spock, including Geeki Tikis, plushies and figures! In fact, PurpleSloth estimates that he has 90% of Spock licensed products from between 1982 and today AND 50% of the Spock products made in the 60’s and 70’s. Clearly, there is no other character that has played such an important role in his life.

PurpleSloth has a strong case of nostalgia and it definitely influences what he collects. For example, his He-Man and She-Ra collection is out of this universe! Get it? Because they’re Masters of the Universe? PurpleSloth used to collect in a more opportunistic way, but now he’s much more focused. He now tends to collect items that have held a place of importance in his life for a long time. PurpleSloth wants to be surrounded by pieces and items that give him pleasure to look at or handle.

As you can tell from his massive Spock collection, PurpleSloth is something of a completionist! Especially when it comes to franchises like Trek and Hercules & Xena, he feels the need to amass all. the. things. He hasn’t had a chance to upload his most treasured items to Gemr yet, but we can’t wait to see his collection of costumes and props from Star Trek! These items are of particular importance to PurpleSloth because they actually played a part in making his favorite stories come to life on TV and film.

Our intrepid collector knows exactly what he would do if he didn’t have sleep…consume more media! He would watch even more TV and film and read even more material! In fact, he’d love to try consuming all the media in existence! PurpleSloth would also spend a lot more time updating the Hercules & Xena Wiki. He’s only been working on it since 2009, but there’s still a lot more work to be done! We look forward to viewing even more of PurpleSloth’s amazing and complete collection. Give him a follow so you don’t miss a thing when he adds even more of his prized collection!

Written by Gemr
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