This week’s edition of Collector Spotlight features R_Keeney64! His largest collection may be S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z figures, but he also collects a diverse range of items including Figma, Pokemon, movies, and superheroes! This community-minded collector encourages his BCF’s (Best Collector Friends) to comment, share and like on Gemr! To see his extensive collection, give R_Keeney64 a follow and never miss a beautiful, highly detailed photograph again!

Like most kids, a young Keeney had a lot of toys and action figures. Sadly, he outgrew his playthings, BUT he moved on to video games and football in college. He’s been collecting video games for years now and has quite a few digital and physical disks. Hard to believe with a collection like his, but he only started seriously collecting a few years ago! A BCF (Best Collector Friend) gifted him the S.H. Figuarts Super Saiyan Goku AND the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Hobgoblin Wave Spider-Man (aka Pizza Spidey). Wow, that’s a mouthful! R_Keeney64 has been hooked on collecting figures ever since this serendipitous birthday gift.

One motto, in particular, has really shaped his collection: He never buys a figure he’s not willing to display! Based on his photography alone, Keeney64 clearly has an eye for details and quality too. He prefers the item to be as accurate and perfect as possible in regards to what the figure is representing. He also purposefully limits his collection to franchises, properties, and characters he truly loves so he collects mainly Dragonball, Spider-Man, and Pokemon. Of course, the price is also a factor as well! He tries not to go above a certain amount. Unless, you know, he really must have the figure for his collection!

For R_Keeney64 every collection is unique. His collection, in particular, is unique because he can recall the purchase history of every single figure he owns. Each figure in his collection is meaningful. Even his least favorite figures bring back good memories that he cherishes. R_Keeney64 never buys a character solely for the sake of the collection, he buys it for himself! His fantastic photography with an emphasis posing showcases his love for all of his figures. He doesn’t have to convince us, we think his collection is truly unique!

Our busy collector has quite a few things he’d like to catch up on if he didn’t have to sleep! There’s an entire backlog of video games he needs to finish, as well as his Netflix queue! We feel ya R_Keeney64! The most important thing to him? Finish writing one of his planned books! As if all that wasn’t enough he would work out again to get back into the shape he was when he played football. R_Keeney64 is a busy guy, and we’re glad he finds time to fit Gemr into his busy schedule!

Written by Gemr
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