Let’s show some love for this week’s Collector Spotlight feature: RaulPimentel! You may know him as the curator of the Dragon Ball Z club, but he also has a top tier figure collection that he features through some truly inspired photography. In addition to an impressive Dragon Ball Z collection, he has extensive Batman and Rockman collections, too. Looking for Mezco figures? You came to the right man! Now that we’ve sparked your imagination, check out Raulpimentel’s stellar collection here!

Though he now collects Mezco figures, which aren’t known for being entirely wallet friendly, Raul started his journey collecting something ubiquitous and F-R-E-E. A young Raul would bring home rocks that caught his fancy until he was old enough for snack money — then, he started collecting stickers. Eventually, he moved on to collecting comics and stuck with that through college. This cheeky fellow did try to shift to collecting girlfriends, but he’s self-described as more Rowan Atkinson than Brad Pitt.

Well hey now! He sure caught our attention! But in all seriousness, he’s been collecting action figures for over a decade. Raul has also moved on to collecting video game consoles, comic book cards, collectible card games, and movies — among other things. This avid collector’s famous last words would have to be “This is the only figure I need for this franchise/brand/company!” It gets him every time. Raul’s collection is unique because he’s got the “Touch” and the “Power”! Raul has an entire backlog of figures he wants to photograph and share on Gemr, so if he could skip sleeping he’d be a very busy guy! Right now much of his time is spent watching over his toddlers and he’d die of a heart attack if he tried doing toy photography while his littles were awake. “Never again while they’re awake….” he whispers to himself.

If learning more about your BCF (Best Collector Friend) @RaulPimentel makes you want to add to (or start!) your DBZ collection, it just so happens we have a brand new, recently released S.H. Figuarts Goku Black figure and we’re giving it away! Gohan and ask us how it can be yours, we won’t Majin Buu you for not knowing! You only have until June 8th to win, so grab your nimbus and fly into this link today!

AND BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU, here’s a link to one of our super popular blog posts that we know you’ll enjoy: How Dragon Ball Punched its Way Into Our Hearts. Had Akira Toriyama not created Dragon Ball in 1984, the world of anime and manga as we know it would be completely different. So what was it about Dragon Ball that made us all so crazy about it to begin with? You’ll have to read on to find out!

Written by Gemr
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