With 224 items on his Gemr profile, collector Raul Pimentel deserves to have the spotlight this week. Raul is from the Philippines and collects a multitude of Batman figures as well as Dragon Ball figures. To view the beautiful photographs of his collectibles on Gemr, click here.

1. How did you first get into collecting?

Raul_Image3I’ve been collecting for as long as I can remember, to be honest. Through the years, the items I’ve collected have varied, from rocks, to comic books, to action figures, etc. I’ve seriously started collecting action figures after college. The only thing I think that I suck in collecting are ladies.

2. Where do you usually go to find items to add to your collection?

Oh, from different sources. There’s a place here in Manila that’s considered as the Mecca of toy collectors, and since I live and work nearby, I’m frequently there. We also get quarterly toy conventions that I always attend, either as an exhibitor or plain ol’ attendant. Then there’s the FB Groups, like Ageless Geeks (one of the most awesome international groups IMHO), Dragon Ball International for international groups, and for local, there’s Pinoy Batman Kolektors (which I co-administer), SH Figuarts Philippines, and many others. I’ve also gotten a lot of great deals on eBay.

3. Which item is your absolute favorite?

awakening goku

Oh my. This is a tough question. I have a lot of figures that I really love. The MAFEX 002 Batman convinced me to ditch 1:6 for 1:12 (and similar) scale, while the Mezco Previews Exclusive TDKR Batman verified that I made the right decision.For Dragon Ball, my current favorite is the Awakening Goku. In my humble opinion, it’s close to perfection.

For sentimental reasons, the Santa Goku plushie is closest to my heart since that’s the first toy my then-GF (now my wife) gave me.

As insinuated above, I let go of all my 1:6 scale figures except for this: the complete Samurai set produced by Dragon in Dreams. Try as I might, simply can’t part with them.

Any one of these can be my absolute favorite.

4. How much do you think your most valuable item is worth?

Raul_Image1I’m actually not yet so sure, though if I had to guess, it’d be the DiD Date Masamune that went for over $400. There’s also the SDCC Exclusive Arkham Knight Batmobile, though I think its price went down once the Multiverse version went on retail.

5. Would you ever consider selling your collection?

I’m really not sure. I’d like to say no, but I’ve done so in the past, like the aforementioned 1:6 collection, Transformers collection, comic books, and consoles (although the latter I did in protest against the direction the industry is headed to).

However, for now, there are three scenarios where I see myself selling off my collection:

a) Last resort to a family emergency (ex. No other avenues, such as loans, to fall back to, etc.)
b) An alien ambassador visits me and says that l’m to be inducted to their Galactic Corps
c) Over my cold, lifeless body

6. Do you go to events where you can meet people who collect?

Yes, I do! Aside from the local toy conventions that I attend, we also conduct swap meet and parties in the group I co-administer.

7. Do you think your collection will ever be “complete”?

Raul_Image2Nah, that one I’m absolutely sure of. Not unless they stop making action figures.

8. Do your friends and co-workers know about your collectibles?

Oh yes, they definitely do! From time to time, I’d have a figure or two in my cubicle, even. In my circle of friends, I’m the geek and I’m proud of it!

9. What is your “holy grail” item?

Right now, it’s the SDCC 2011 SSJ Son Goku. I’m late in the game on SHF Dragon Ball figures and right now, it’s going for crazy prices.

For Batman, it’s definitely the HT The Bat Deluxe. It’s way over my budget right now and I still have to figure out where best to place it in our house if ever I do get to buy one.

I tried to sell my purity to Scarlett Johansson (with free breakfast in bed) so that I can afford both, but the only counter-offer I got was a restraining order. I’m hoping that Jennifer Lawrence will be more receptive.

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