RetroCollector91 Collector Spotlight

We may not have a Hot Tub Time Machine at Gemr HQ….but we do have RetroCollector91 and his nostalgiainducing collection! RetroCollector91’s rad collection is steadily growing and luckily for us, he is cataloging it all on Gemr. Jump into this week’s Collector Spotlight and discover the driving force motivating him to continually add to his collection!

Of all the apps in all the world, RetroCollector91 downloaded Gemr in the Google Play Store. Thanks to our free app, he became part of a community of like-minded collectors. His new BCFs – Best Collector Friends – get to enjoy the collectibles he has carefully curated. However, we have some deep questions for the collecting mastermind behind it all…

RetroCollector91 was NOT bitten by the collecting bug at a young age! It was only recently as an adult that he began collecting. Sorting through his things at his parents’ loft brought back a lot of memories, so he displayed them to share his childhood with his children. As often happens, one thing leads to another, and he now collects items that remind him of his childhood.

RetroCollector91’s main idea of a collectible is an item that brings back memories. His 33 item Detective Pikachu collection was sparked by opening a promotional packet of cards. Peeling back the wrapper and discovering the cards one by one made him feel like a kid again. 

The original 1999 Pokémon movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back, inspired RetroCollector91 to catch ‘em all — all the collectibles, that is! He collected the Burger King promotional cards as a child and now he is the proud owner of the movie on VHS and DVD, the soundtrack on cassette, and ten collectible movie scenes in addition to 20 uncut sheets of Burger King issued Pokémon trading cards.

A Game Boy may have originally sold for $89.99 in 1989, but for RetroCollector91 it’s priceless! Not just another nostalgic find in his parents’ loft, his original Nintendo Game Boy DMG-01 is a prized possession and his favorite item in his entire collection.

RetroCollector91 carefully organizes his nostalgia-inducing collection by theme. You won’t find diecast cars piled all willy nilly with Pokémon cards. Nope! RetroCollector91 keeps his Mewtwo collection separate from his Detective Pikachu collection, while Game Boys are categorized in with video games. Odd bits are strategically incorporated here and there to keep things visually stimulating.

Now that we know the why (nostalgia) and the how (theme), let’s ask a controversial question… Every collector must make a final judgment call when incorporating objects into their collection: to unbox or to preserve in original packaging. RetroCollector91 absolutely, hands down, prefers to unbox his collectibles. He likes to appreciate his collection without pesky packaging getting in the way.

Congrats are in order for RetroCollector91! The uncut Pokémon cards released by Burger King as promotional items for Mewtwo Strikes Back were his collectible Holy Grail item. After a lot of time, patience, and money, he has been rewarded with a complete set! A collector’s job is never finished, however, and now he’s on a quest for Pokémon Red and Blue GameBoy games boxed with manuals. 

Short answer to our next question? NO! RetroCollector91 is not willing to part with his one of a kind collection. His collection is special not only because of the items it contains, but because of the nostalgia that’s unique to his childhood. Everything, from the Mr. Blobby Amiga Game on floppy disk to his latest Detective Pikachu cards, brings back memories of his childhood.

Having extra time due to lack of sleep is both a blessing and a curse — just ask Retrocollector91! Although he often doesn’t sleep, it’s not by choice! With extra time gained from not sleeping, he would spend more hours glued to eBay, where he discovers many new and interesting things for his collection. We can’t wait to see what RetroCollector91 scores next!

Written by Gemr
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