This week we’ve got a real doll of a collector — literally! Please give a big round of virtual applause to Ririnetto! She’s not only an avid doll collector, she also creates one of a kind custom dolls and toys too! The wonderful artist displays her work on Gemr along with her doll collection and other adorable toys. If you enjoy talented craftsmanship and all around cools stuff, say hello and give Ririnetto a follow!

As a child, young Ririnetto collected various items like toy figures, old notes and coins, cards, antiques, and more! Sadly, she no longer has these items with her after moving abroad. BUT a huge move didn’t keep Ririnetto down! She continued to collect books, CDs, figures and various other things once she got settled.

It’s only been recently that Ririnetto started collecting dolls and toys. Ever the artist, she heard about doll customization as a hobby and just had to try it since she loves creating art! Her work speaks for itself and we’re super impressed! Her dolls are lovely and beautiful and expertly painted. She fell in love with collecting dolls at the same time she discovered doll customization.

Ririnetto doesn’t have high expectations when it comes to collecting items. If she likes it, she buys it. She does have preferences, though! She prefers antique or vintage and one of a kind items. When it comes to dolls, Ririnetto looks for ones she can customize later. She really, and we mean REALLY, enjoys creating new things!

What would this talented artist and collector do if she didn’t have to sleep? Make more art and custom dolls and toys of course! She already creates custom Monster High, Ever After High, and porcelain dolls, and without sleep, she would have even more time to indulge in her passion! She also has big plans to go back to school to progress as an artist. Ririenetto is a one of a kind collector creating one of a kind objects of art. Give her a follow so you don’t miss any of her creations!

This one was created by Andreja!

Want to learn even more about doll customization? You’re in luck! We’ve devoted an entire blog article to the rise of doll customization! Here at Gemr, our love for doll customization is as limitless as the options themselves. Collectors and fans alike have been customizing their fashion dolls and posting the beautiful results on the internet to great response. Even people who don’t customize their dolls’ makeup, clothes, and hair can easily get lost for hours down the rabbit hole of before and after pictures (not to mention the videos – the glorious videos!). The reason collectors and hobbyists have taken to making over fashion dolls? Well, that’s as varied as the dolls themselves, and you’ll have to click here to read more!

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