Oh, it’s true….it’s damn true! This week’s Collector Spotlight is self-proclaimed women’s wrestling aficionado and figure photography fanatic Ryan238! Not only is he prolific in his collecting proclivities, but he’s also a master of photographing his figures in the wild! You’ve seen his Loyal Subjects Mighty Morphin Power Rangers figs posed in the wild, and his Women’s Wrestling figures expertly accessorized, but do you really know him? And what does Tamiflu have to do with it all? Read on to find out!

It was through a fortuitous Facebook post during our partnership with Wicked Cool Toys for a Pokémon giveaway that Ryan238 stumbled upon Gemr. Ever since then, he has been delighting the Gemr community with his well shot photography and interesting figs. Ryan238 uses Gemr as a way to network and catalog his collection. All this and more! He also gets to enjoy other collectors’ collections at the same.

Every great superhero has an origin story, and Ryan238 is no different. You see, it all began with a spider bite….just kidding. This origin story actually took place in a Walmart back in 2005. He was waiting for his Tamiflu prescription — did we just violate HIPAA? — when he decided to walk around the store to kill time. Ryan238 was already a big comic book geek when he came across the action figure aisle and decided, “why not?” It was then and there that he discovered a Toybiz Marvel Legends Nightcrawler and thought to himself, “that’s basically the coolest thing I have ever seen.” Mind. Blown.

The Nightcrawler figure was so much better than the figures he remembered having as a child. In a genius marketing ploy by Toybiz, the Nightcrawler figure included a piece that allows the builder to create Galactus when combined with parts from other figures. As fate would have it, that very same Walmart just so happened to carry every figure needed to build a Galactus — literally the coolest thing Ryan238 has ever seen! He’s been hooked on the smell of fresh plastic ever since that Tamiflu-fueled night.

At one point, Ryan238 was a completionist, but it simply became too tedious when the same figures were rehashed over and over. The passion was gone and being a completionist hindered his enjoyment. He sold a bunch of stuff and diversified into a TON of varied properties. The only collection Ryan238 maintains — and intends to maintain — as complete is his Mattel WWE women’s division figures. Now, he prefers only to buy just the items he thinks are cool.

We’re ready to lay the smackdown and ask some tough questions around here! Inquiring minds want to know if Ryan238 has a favorite collectible. Sentimentally, the Nightcrawler action figure will always have a special place in his collector’s heart. HOWEVER, in terms of sheer awesomeness, he would have to choose Unique Toys Allen Transformers 3rd Party Springer as his fave. Ryan238 may not even consider himself a Transformers collector, but this one undeniably has his heart based solely on rad aesthetics! In his opinion, figures just don’t get any better.

Our newest BCF – Best Collector Friend – is clearly super organized. Clearly, just look at those shelves organized by property! They’re simply breathtaking to behold. While the Funko Pops are neatly placed and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are artfully posed on wooden shelves, he keeps his Chibis in a jumbled mess of cuteness! Your keen eye may also notice that none of Ryan238’s figures are in their original packaging. In his own exuberant words, “Open everything! Set them free! Toys are made to be enjoyed. Enjoy them!”

He has over 619 items uploaded to Gemr, and yet one figure still eludes him! Ryan238’s Holy Grail item is, hands down, a Jakks Linda McMahon. Sadly, and very, very, very unfortunately, all three Jakks versions of the Linda McMahon figure are “unreleased.” He knows in his heart of collector’s hearts that the unreleased figures are out there somewhere. We were surprised to hear that he would tear the head off and pop it on a Mattel Body though. Hey! The heart wants what the heart wants! Fingers crossed that Ryan238 may one day achieve this rare jewel and most prized collectible.

Via. Pinterest user ∆∆shaniOfThe90’s

Like Scot Steiner once said, “Holla if you hear me.” Ryan238 is about to lay down some truth! He would absolutely sell his collection if it, or the hobby, stopped being enjoyable. Ya heard? Collecting must add value to his experience. Fortunately for all of his followers on Gemr, he does not see that happening!

With everything from Pokémon to WWE figures (and let’s not forget Masters of the Universe and Transformers), Ryan238 has an impressively diverse collection. Heck, he even has custom figs! His collection is undeniably unique because of the different lines and fandoms he collects. We say he’s got an impressive knack for figures in the wild photography too!

We’re saved by the bell! Except for one final question….what would Ryan238 do with all of his extra time if he didn’t have to sleep? He’s a man of many talents and would use that time to learn new skills and trades. Well, sort of – he would just be learning them in Skyrim!

Written by Gemr
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