We can’t stop looking at Sailor_Samara’s Sailor Moon collection — she’s winning our love and admiration by daylight! This week’s Collector Spotlight features the always delightful curator of the insanely popular Sailor Moon Club. Not only is she a huge fan of Sailor Moon, Nintendo, Disney, and Funko Pops, she loves to make new friends. Give Sailor_Samara a follow today and introduce yourself!

A young Samara’s love of collecting began when she was just a little girl. She may have started off collecting toys and dolls, but before long she branched out into older, vintage items. At age 20, Sailor_Samara started searching resale websites to score highly coveted items from other collectors. Now collecting is a huge part of her life! She has no idea where she’d be today had she not become entrenched in collecting as a hobby. In fact, our friendly curator has met some of the most amazing people in her life through collecting!

Sailor_Samara continually looks for specific things on her wish list. Unfortunately, some items have yet to be discovered and claimed! She loves loves loves (did we say loves?) vintage items for Sailor Moon even though it can be a challenge to find them. Sailor_Samara knows what she wants in a piece, and she doesn’t settle for less. Also, if a figure or item isn’t new in box (NIB), she still expects it to have all the pieces it originally came with, AND it can’t be significantly damaged! She unceasingly quests to find collectibles that meet her strict criteria and can be obtained for a low price.

Her unique collection is shockingly HUGE, but it’s also super well displayed and organized. We’re impressed, Sailor_Samara! People often ask her how she can afford so many items and how she keeps her collection clean over time. She has a lot of things she likes to collect in addition to Sailor Moon, and she’s always on the hunt for those too. You can browse her vast collection of over 750 items right here on Gemr!

If our intrepid Sailor Moon loving collector didn’t have to sleep, she’d be out searching for new things to add to her collection! She would also update her popular YouTube channel with even more content. Is there anything Sailor_Samara can’t accomplish?! She’s a vibrant part of the Gemr community, so give her a follow and never miss one of her extremely informative updates!

Fighting evil by moonlight, browsing Gemr by daylight, and never running from a true fight! If this describes you, welcome to the Sailor Moon Club! Each month in the club, Sailor_Samara will be featuring a soon to be released item. August’s featured collectible is none other than the Pretty Guardians Fan Club Exclusive Collector’s Plate. Not only will Sailor_Samara share a beautiful photo, but she’ll also provide a thorough description of each piece. This is not to be missed!

Written by Gemr
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