It’s always a good day when we get to introduce people to their newest BCF – Best Collector Friend. In this Collector Spotlight, we’re featuring a super talented and enthusiastic collector! Skitty325 is not only a Pokémon and anime fan, but she also LIVES her fandom! In addition to amassing Pokémon cards and taking creative photos of Pokémon toys in the wild, Skitty325 also handcrafts Pokémon and Digimon inspired piñatas. Yeah, she’s a huge Pokémon fan!

We love a friendship meet-cute! Skitty325 met Gemr community member MissDizzzy on Instagram where they struck up a friendship. MissDizzzy, who is also a Pokémon fan, creates custom Nendoroids and is exceptionally talented at toy photography.

MissDizzy’s Photographs from her Gemr Profile

A beautiful thing happened after MissDizzzy sent Skitty325 a link to her Gemr account! Skitty325 met great people, made friends, and discovered people who also collected the same things. She enjoys the community here so much, she recommends Gemr to any collector or anime fan. Skitty325 enjoys the friendly spirit on Gemr and believes the community helps each other to improve their collections. We’re blushing, Skitty325!

Skitty325 is talented – and we mean super talented. She handcrafts Pokémon inspired piñatas AND crochets amigurumi – small stuffed yarn creatures. Now, this is one collector who truly lives her fandom! You can purchase Skitty325’s works of love right here on Gemr or in her Etsy shop. Whoever snaps up the piñatas inspired by Poliwag, Koromon, and Marill is going to be one delighted trainer! While you’re shopping and living your best life, don’t forget that handmade Pikachu amigurumi and bring home a shocking friend today!

At school, a young Skitty325 joined the Pokémon craze and started collecting Pokémon cards and Digimon toys. She has a fond childhood memory of her sister taking her to the Pokémon Center – currently the Nintendo store – where Skitty325 would purchase Pokémon merchandise. One time, she and her father walked past a store that sold Pokémon 1st Generation Pikachu plushies. Little did she know, her father had secretly purchased one for the young Skitty325 as a birthday gift! She was so thrilled to receive the plushie, she took it everywhere with her.


In addition to her already stellar collection, Skitty325 strives to collect even MORE toy figures and Pokémon cards! Luckily for the Gemr community and her followers, Skitty325 regularly uploads her awesome additions. Not only does she have Pokémon merch galore, she’s also into video games too. Skitty325 especially enjoys playing and collecting Harvest Moon, Pokémon, and Super Mario Bros.

Skitty325’s goals for 2019 include organizing her Pokémon collection. She’s trying to stay neat to keep Grimer away! Just like her Gemr galleries, in real life Skitty325 organizes her collections based on theme. Below is just a small portion of her Pokémon collection with a few Bakugan and Digimon mixed in for funsies.

Our talented BCF considers herself an out of the box collector. Skitty325 can’t wait to photograph her toys and figures in the wild, and she couldn’t do that if they are trapped in their boxes! However, Skitty325 might keep her items boxed if she’s still deciding on how to place them or to protect her items from getting dirty.

This is the song that doesn’t end. Yes, it goes on and on my friend. Now that we’ve got that classic ditty from the TV show Lamb Chop’s Play-Along stuck in your head, you’re primed for a totally unique item in Skitty325’s collection. Meet Lamb Chop the puppet! This rare item is no longer sold in stores, BUT you can get to enjoy it vicariously in Skitty325’s plush gallery.

If Skitty325 didn’t have to sleep, she would use the extra time to continue to practice drawing and crocheting. Not only do her skills improve every day, but she also finds both activities relaxing. We can’t wait to what she creates next and shares with the Gemr community!

Written by Gemr
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