We’ve got something new this week! We’ve never featured a car nut before, and we’re happy to announce StinkEvil as this week’s Collector Spotlight! Can you believe he has over 300 diecast cars posted to Gemr alone?! You have to check out his collection for yourself. While you’re there, give him a friendly follow and a big hello!

StinkEvil has always enjoyed collecting objects that caught his eye. A young Stink started collecting rocks, Star Wars cards and G.I. Joe’s. In high school, he amassed a comic book collection that would have impressed even the most serious collectors! Unfortunately, that stellar collection is lost to the sands of time. *Tear* One thing that StinkEvil has loved his entire life is cars, motorcycles, planes, and helicopters. It certainly shows in GIANT collection of diecast vehicles.

This car nut makes his dreams come true when he collects diecast cars. StinkEvil goes for vehicles that he would love to own in real life. He went from acquiring a toy just to play with, to buying and saving for something symbolic of a car he loves. Makes, models, and paint jobs of the diecast cars of course play a significant role as well. Currently, StinkEvil has everything from a Matchbox Ferrari F-40 (1 of only 25,000 produced!) to a Hot Wheels Shelby Cobra he’s had for at LEAST 20 years.

With over 300 diecast cars, Star Wars figures, and collectible coins, StinkEvil has a pretty unique collection! It’s indeed a reflection of himself and the things that he enjoys. He likes the way Gemr has allowed him to catalog his cars. The Gemr app is also a way for him to always keep photos of his cars on hand via his phone. Wow! And we didn’t even have to pay him to say that! StinkEvil also enjoys taking the coolest photos possible of his unique collection. With as large as a collection as his, we’re sure that takes up a lot of time. Which leads us to wonder….

What would StinkEvil do with his extra time if he didn’t have to sleep? We predict he’d spend some time in his Man Cave with all the super awesome and shmancy barware he has. He’s got quite the collection of bottles, glasses, dice and Zippo lighters in his Man Cave. StinkEvil would also spend more time building models or even take up building a REAL car one day! Vroom vroom! Here’s hoping StinkEvil invites us over for a drink and shows off all his cool collectibles!

Written by Gemr
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