We hope you’re ready for an adventure because this week’s Collector Spotlight is much more than meets the eye! You may know him for his vast collection of Transformers and his creative photography. Perhaps you’ve also enjoyed the stories he’s created using his figures and photography skills. But do you really know Tallus76? We’re about to take a deep dive into the mind behind the many masterpieces on Gemr.

Time to roll back! Back in time that is! Tallus76 first began collecting sometime around ‘83-’84. His dad would take him to visit the RadioShack in the small town where he grew up. One fateful and glorious day, his Papa Tallus purchased a pre-Transformers Ravage for the young Tallus. Kid Tallus loved his figure, but once the television series debuted he was totally hooked on Transformers. You might just say it was a transformative experience!

Tallus76 is a proud child of the ’80s. From childhood to today, he continues to pursue many classic and iconic figure lines. Along with his MASSIVE collection of Transformers, he also collects GI Joe figures as well as MASK toys. MASK toys were debuted by the now-defunct Kenner in the mid-80s and featured transforming vehicles. Hmm, we sense a theme within Tallus76’s

With over 495 items and still counting, Tallus76 has one out of this world collection. It’s packed full of nostalgia, too. Brace yourselves, we’re about to share a collector horror story! When he moved off to college, Mama Tallus tossed almost all of his childhood stuff during a clean out session! We’re guessing it didn’t spark as much joy for her as it did for Tallus76. She was unable to get to the goodies packed away in the attic, so some pieces were luckily saved!

Tallus76’s first goal as an adult collector was to regain the figures he lost during the tragic clean out. Now, he also collects third party toys, Takara figures, and Hasbro Masterpiece figures. His latest goal is to complete all the characters from seasons one and two of Transformers. He’s also all about bringing his two passions for photography and toy collection together. We have to say, he’s clearly kicking butt at both!

Tallus76’s discerning eye takes in the entire figure when deciding whether or not to add it to his collection. Most importantly: no janky figures! The figures must have excellent articulation and be highly detailed AND be a great representation of the character. Speaking of high-quality gorgeous merch, the Transformers Masterpiece line has become his primary focus. But! Let’s not get forget his first love is and always will be the original Transformers line from the 80s.

You may think that with so many figures it would difficult to choose a favorite….but you’d be wrong. Tallus76 has two definitive figures that he cherishes above all others. Remember the pre-Transformers Ravage figure we reminisced about earlier? Yup, it’s a favorite! You see, it all started back at the RadioShack at the Bridgewater Mall. They had bins chock full of items as well as Galactic Man and Cassette Man, now known as Shockwave and Soundwave. The passion for Transformers was ignited when a young Tullus76 watched a black and white TV and then BOOM, his toy Cassette Man appeared on the screen! The show was a fantastic experience for Kid Tallus, and the rest is collecting history!

Our BCF’s (Best Collector Friend’s) other favorite figure might be one of his fancy high-end figures. Or it could actually be a very nostalgic old school Astrotrain Transformer. Tallus76’s grandfather passed away the year he was born, but his legacy lived on. Grandpa Tallus was also a creative type and a collector, collecting train sets and making dioramas. Grandma Tallus gifted young Tallus76 the Astrotrain toy which transforms into an old locomotive. Kid Tallus would play for hours with the trains and create memories.

Nostalgia and memories are what makes collecting so important to Tallus76. His collection is unique because it’s his personal collection….just like everyone else’s collection is to them. In Tallus76’s own words, “It’s a special way to escape real life.” Most of his G1, that’s Generation One, Transformers figures are original to his childhood. His pieces are much more than just plastic, they’re memories of people that are no longer with him, like his dad and grandmother.

How does a collector with so many figures stay organized? Well, he keeps them together by genre, of course! The Masterpieces are in their designated space, and G1 figures are kept in their own room. Most of his items are on shelves or in a display case. Of course, some figures are displayed in Tallus76’s famous dioramas! The GI Joe figures are mainly still in their packages, BUT Transformers, MASK, and Starriors are all gloriously loose. He enjoys photographing them and letting his imagination spill out into his

There is one elusive item on Tallus76’s Holy Grail wish list! He’d love to get his hands on an old Bumblejumper bot. The Autobot was initially released in ‘84 along with other G1 figures. It’s one of the only old figures that has eluded Tallus76’s grasp. He would also love to reach his goal of completing all of Seasons 1&2 in the Masterpiece scale. Here’s hoping our BCF gets his Bumblejumper before the Decepticons do!

None of Tallus76’s sweet collection is for sale, but he does have plans for his collection if something were to ever happen to him. He would like for his children pick out any of the figures they wanted to keep. Then, the adult collectibles are to be sold off and the money given to his children. The newer Hasbro figures are earmarked to be donated to the local Children’s Hospital to bring smiles to all the children.

The final question we posed to Tallus76 is what he would do if he didn’t have to sleep. We should have guessed the answer to this one! He would work on photo edits and perhaps write stories. We can’t wait to see what future creative project Tallus has for us next. Autobots, roll out!

Written by Gemr
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