Give a warm hello and a big “follow” to this week’s Collector Spotlight, TexanPanda88! He’s got a wide variety of sweet collectibles ranging from Final Fantasy figurines to Magic: The Gathering cards. TexanPanda has a soft spot for Star Wars and you’ll find A TON of photos in his collections of everything from Star Wars Lego minifigs to Star Wars posters and figures. And we haven’t even talked about his Funko or Ghibli collectibles yet! Now that you’re intrigued….head over to and check out all his cool stuff!

TexanPanda88 started collecting Marvel trading cards, comic books and keychains in high school, when he still lived in the Philippines. It wasn’t until he moved to the US about six years ago that he became a serious collector, though. He bought all things Star Wars related and started posting his collection to Facebook. Panda’s family and friends began to notice his passion for Star Wars, and they started adding to his collection too. Now that’s what we call BCFF (Best Collector Friends & Family)!

Panda has also gone on to collect swag from other fandoms like Marvel, Game of Thrones, Kingdom Hearts and Studio Ghibli. There’s nothing stopping this guy! Panda is going to collect until he’s old and ready to pass it all down to the next generation! If he likes an item he snatches it up…as long as it’s in his budget…unless it’s a limited edition Blu-ray or exclusive Funko! He gets excited by the possibility of a collectible being rare and valuable in the future. His eclectic collection of action figures, soundtracks, and printed materials may make his room resemble a hobby shop, but he wouldn’t have it any other way! If TexanPanda didn’t have to sleep, he would arrange and rearrange his collection to perfection and just *le sigh* enjoy it!

TexanPanda88 luuuvs him some DVD limited editions but are they actually collectible? Should you be collecting physical media at all?! We’ve got 5 reasons why you should collect physical media like it’s 1999! Forget streaming. We’ve got our hands on the real thing, baby.

Written by Gemr
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