Pack your bags because this Collector Spotlight is taking you straight to the Hellmouth. Not to worry! You will be in the safe hands of this week’s “Chosen One,” TheBuffyGirl. Not only does she collect all things Buffy the Vampire Slayer related, she also has a fascinating collection of Curiosities and Oddities, too. It’s safe to say, TheBuffyGirl’s collection slays us!

TheBuffyGirl began collecting at a very young age — she was only about 7 or 8 when she got into collecting rocks and Pokémon. When Buffy The Vampire Slayer debuted on television in 1996, TheBuffyGirl began to amass all types of merch related to the show. And that, dear reader, was just the beginning of a very wonderful and unique collection.

While perusing TheBuffyGirl’s collections, the first thing you’ll notice is the rad diversity of items she carefully photographs against an autumnal backdrop. You’ll obviously find plenty of Buffy the Vampire Slayer merch, BUT you’ll also be delighted by her collection of Oddities. In between cat bones, taxidermied animals and Buffy comic books, there are also plenty of Harry Potter and Video Game collectibles. TheBuffyGirl may not strive to complete a series, but she does strive to collect items that make her happy!

Our Slayer does indeed play favorites when it comes to her collection! We were expecting TheBuffyGirl to have favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer items, and she does — namely her Buffy Fossil watch in addition to a Sarah Michelle Gellar signed pieceworks card. BUT! Also among her prized possessions are a signed Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn Funko Pop and a Julie Walker — aka Melinda Clarke — Fangoria Magazine poster. She adores all three kick-ass ladies/characters as much as we adore following TheBuffyGirl on Gemr!

Our BCF (Best Collector Friend) has another treasured and unique piece in her collection — a cat skull. Just one of a few animal bone specimens in her Oddities gallery, the cat skull was given to TheBuffyGirl by her husband when they first got together. You’ll have to check it out for yourselves, but we’ll give you a little hint at what else you’ll find in her Oddities gallery; creepy clowns, a taxidermied baby ferret, and a suspicious bottle of liniment from 1933…….

TheBuffyGirl organizes her collections on Gemr by theme, making it ridiculously easy to view her items and fall in love with her wildly diverse collections of awesomeness. Where else will you find a Peter Pan DVD, Santa Claus Pez dispenser, and vintage cat t-shirt all labeled in one neatly laid out place?! TheBuffyGirl leaves some of her items in their original packaging, but also unboxes her sweet merch too.

Since TheBuffyGirl already has a Sarah Michelle Gellar autograph, you might have assumed she has already achieved her Holy Grail. However, she has something very exciting on the horizon! TheBuffyGirl is attending Flashback Weekend this year specifically to meet Melinda Clark. The goal is to have Julie Walker, err we mean Melinda Clarke, sign her favorite poster.

Keep your greedy hands to yourself! The Slayer is not considering selling anything in her collection. NOPE! Don’t even ask, because all her items mean something to her and make her happy. You’ll have to settle for following TheBuffyGirl on Gemr, so you never miss an item upload!

TheBuffyGirl has a unique collection and generously displays it on Gemr, one glorious piece at a time. Her assortment of items is unique because she only collects what she loves and what makes her happy. Our humble BCF never considered her collection unique, but she is thrilled that other people enjoy what she collects. Throughout the years, TheBuffyGirl’s husband has purchased many things for her as gifts, and those items, in particular, mean something special to her. Aw shucks, we just love love here at Gemr!

Not only is the TheBuffyGirl a well-rounded collector, but she also enjoys an assortment of activities too! If she didn’t have to sleep, she would spend her extra time researching things — even more than she already does — working out, watching and rewatching television shows and movies, procrastinating, and the most obvious pastime of all, pondering the meaning of life. While TheBuffyGirl is busy doing all that, we hope she sneaks in a little time to continue being an essential part of the Gemr community!

Written by Gemr
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