Welcome to this week’s edition of the newly expanded Collector Spotlight! The revamped Spotlight now includes even MORE information about the methods behind the madness of all our featured collectors. In this edition, TheCole777 explains how he organizes his collection, describes his Holy Grail item and tells us if he would ever consider selling his collection. You may know TheCole777 as Curator of the Original Movie Props & Costumes Club, and now you’ll get to meet the collector behind it all!

Something very unique and hard to come by initially sucked TheCole777 into the collecting vortex. His first serious collection was Hellboy action figures. He enjoyed hunting for exclusive figures and prototypes. He would buy and sell them online to get figures in better condition and strike deals to get even rarer versions. Today, TheCole777 is the proud owner of a snarling Hellboy variant among many others.

Rarity is VERY important to TheCole777, so he seeks out the most exclusive versions of action figures and vinyl records with the least amount of pressings. You’ve probably noticed his sweet collection of original movie props, too! He likes the extremely hard to find original movie props as opposed to mass-produced merch. He has an eye for detail, and it serves him well when identifying original and limited edition releases. It’s also essential to TheCole777 to complete a series if he’s very interested in it. He has his eye on collecting all of the extremely rare — and controversial — Spectre Studio Serial Killer figures.

Out of all his fantastic collectibles, TheCole777 does play favorites. Currently, his favorite item is his Nightmare on Elm Street stand-in glove used in the second movie. He thoroughly details the history of the glove on Gemr in the item description. Swing by his profile and discover the small details that give away the secrets of the glove! TheCole777 also has a rare production-used painted plaster casting of Robert Englund in full Freddy Krueger makeup. It wasn’t enough to have a replica glove or Freddy mask, TheCole777 wanted the real deal!. What other original movie props does TheCole777 have lurking around? You’ll just have to sneak a peek for yourself!

This in-packaging collector doesn’t even unwrap his vinyl! Well, ok, maybe only in occasional instances will he take his vinyl out of the packaging. Another fun fact about TheCole777: he doesn’t even own a record player! Sadly, he is storing all his pristine vinyl in bins for now. He prefers to preserve the value of his other merch by keeping them all in original packaging. His collection is neatly displayed by finding a free spot in his room or on a wall.

Our BCF (Best Collector Friend) is clearly a huge, huge, colossal Nightmare on Elm Street fan. He has a Holy Grail item that, you guessed it, involves The Springwood Slasher. If TheCole777 can’t have Freddy’s original glove direct from the movie or Michael Myers’ original mask, his Holy Grail item would be an original drawing of Freddy Krueger by award-winning artist Mike Mignola. We’d describe Mignola’s art as dark, haunting and AWESOME. We can totally see why TheCole777 would want an original drawing by Mignola if he couldn’t get his hands on even more original movie props, comics, or vinyls.

Now comes the tough question. Would TheCole777 ever consider selling his precious and unique collection of movie props and vinyls? Currently, he DOES sell whatever he has multipls of, but he is considering one day parting with his entire vinyl collection — after he listens to them first, that is!

TheCole777’s unique collection contains many original and rare pieces that are almost impossible to come by! He’s very passionate and only collects items he deems worthy of space in his room. He puts a whole lot of himself in his collection, and it truly shows! TheCole777 believes “nothing beats getting that thing you’ve always wanted and getting to share it with others,” and we’re beyond happy he’s discovered Gemr to share his unique and exceptional collection with us!

Written by Gemr
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