This week’s Collector Spotlight takes you to the magical Land of Wuz where you’ll encounter Bumblelions, Butterbears, Eleroos and more! TheWuzzeum is a singularly focused collector of all things….you guessed it, Wuzzles! He has almost 100 Wuzzle related items in one stellar collection. If you haven’t followed TheWuzzeum already, consider this your invitation to learn more about the collector behind this astounding collection!

What are the Wuzzles, you might be asking? Well, very succinctly, they’re cartoon characters that are a mash-up of two animals. Hence the Moosel, a young Wuzzle that’s part moose and part seal. The Wuzzles originally appeared as a Saturday morning cartoon in the US by Disney on NBC in 1985. According to the TheWuzzeum, “The show was also wildly popular in Canada and the UK where merchandise went even crazier.” If there’s a piece of Wuzzle merchandise out there, there’s a good chance it’s in TheWuzzeum’s collection or soon will be!

TheWuzzeum Wuzzles title card

Believe it or not, TheWuzzeum didn’t always collect Wuzzle merchandise! His collection originally started with animation cels from all his favorite 80’s and 90’s Saturday morning cartoons. As fortune would have it, the very first cel he purchased was a Wuzzles one. Memories of the gone too soon 13 episode cartoon came flooding back and, drawing inspiration from other people’s very specific collections, he began his quest to collect all items from such a niche property.

TheWuzzeum has many, and we mean many, different types of Wuzzle merchandise. He’s got everything from practically pristine Halloween masks, to the requisite plushies, to cassette holders. Are you looking for obscure Wuzzle Presto Magix Transfers or party decor? Don’t worry, he’s got that! His giant collection of Wuzzle artifacts is just begging to bring back memories!

When it comes to adding to his diverse yet simultaneously laser focused collection, TheWuzzeum keeps two things in mind. Firstly, the condition of the item must be good, and secondly, the actual usability of the item has to be considered. Just like his Wuzzles Squeezable Baby (or Pet) Toy, he prefers items to be in their original box or packaging. Our ever-thorough collector has exhaustively scoured the internet for all the Wuzzle items ever produced and made a list! When they pop up for sale on various sites, he snatches them up without hesitation.

It’s clear what makes TheWuzzeum’s collection so unique: it’s the only Wuzzles exclusive collection we’ve ever come across! But aside from the obvious, he also has pieces from all over the world. He has duplicates of items in packages with various languages, and also odd variations and inconsistencies. In his own words, “because I collect a property, I get to dabble in every kind of collectible, from electronics to plush, toys, home items, and animation artwork.”

If TheWuzzeum isn’t researching, collecting and sharing his amazing finds, he knows exactly what he would do with his extra time if he didn’t have to sleep. He’d nap! Our new BCF (Best Collector Friend) is an expert napper as well as a champion collector. We’re thankful TheWuzzeum has such passion for a property that brings back so many memories from our Saturday mornings thirty years ago! Give him a follow so you too can relive your Wuzzle memories.

Written by Gemr
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