We can’t take you to Cybertron, but we can take you to Griffin Rock to meet the Rescue Bots in Toyeticollector’s collection! Transformers fans already know Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, but it’s time to get acquainted with one of the last still operational Rescue Bot teams out there! In this week’s edition of Collector Spotlight, we’ll get know not only Chase, Heatwave, Blades and Boulder, but we’ll also take a deep dive into Toyeticollector’s collection too!

Editor’s Note: We celebrate and promote inclusivity and acceptance here at Gemr, and as such, we want all of our users to feel represented and loved. This Collector Spotlight is written with Toyeticollector’s preferred pronouns ne/nem/nir/nirs/nemself!

Like a blast from the deep reaches of space, the collecting bug often strikes unexpectedly. For Toyeticollector, collecting all began innocently enough with movie ticket stubs in 2006. With over 170 ticket stubs in nir collection, we think we’ve got a cinephile on our hands as well as a bot collector! Toyeticollector enjoys having a catalog of movies that have come out over the past years. Browse the tix collection for yourself and relive cinematic memories!

Rescue Bot collecting began in earnest during a break between seasons of the animated series. Toyeticollector desperately wanted more of the characters during the hiatus so ne started collecting the most screen-accurate figures and collecting all things Rescue Bots quickly spiraled from there! Toyeticollector is now the proud owner of over 150 Rescue Bot figs! Ne has even branched out into supporting characters beyond the core group of Bots and Burns family members. All figures have been carefully photographed and cataloged on Gemr for nir — and our — viewing pleasure!

We feel like a Decepticon for even asking these questions, but we just had to know what nir favorite item is and why. As it turns out, the entire reason Toyeticollector even started collecting is because each character is nir favorite! But when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of the situation, ne picked the Playskool Friends Collector’s Pack as nir favorite. The large-eyed bots bring a smile to Toyeticollector’s face whenever ne walks by them. The adorable tiny bot set includes all the main characters. There’s brainy Chase, brawny Heatwave, ubiquitous Optimus Prime….WAIT….what’s that?! Even Arcee is present!

Our newest BCF — Best Collector Friend — has a fantastically organized collection — on Gemr and on the actual display shelf! Just take a good look for yourself! Shelves are organized by character, usually, or theme. We think the red, orange, green, blue and yellow bots look fantastic on their respective shelves! Items such as blind bag figures, Mr. Potato Head, and magazine figures stay together regardless of character because of their distinct styles. Playsets are also kept together to ensure they are complete.

Cameron: Rescue Bot collection pic from DropBox with the collector in it

When it comes to the age-old collector debate of unboxing or keeping collectibles hermetically sealed, Toyeticollector puts the play in display! Ne enjoys transforming the bots from their bot-form to their alternate modes and exploring the bots’ various gimmicks. When collecting a franchise titled Transformers, we’d expect some out of the box action shots, and that’s precisely what Toyeticollector delivers!

Every collector has one, and Toyeticollector has a whopper of a Holy Grail! Nir Holy Grail is the covetable 2016 Botcon Medix — it’s so rare we had to dig deep just to find a photo to show you! This particular Medix was part of a class of build-your-own figures and included sticker sheets. The body was available for anyone to purchase who attended the 2016 Botcon so those are readily available on eBay, but it’s the sticker sheets! That’s the kicker! Toyeticollector has never seen a completely assembled 2016 Botcon Medix up for sale. While the bot is technically a G1 imagining of the character, the character did originate with the Rescue Bots so Toyeticollector wouldn’t be too upset if one just fell into nir lap! *hint* *hint*

via. ToyCollectors.com

Our BCF isn’t going to put nir collection up for sale, so you’ll just have to assemble your own crew of Rescue Bots to save the day. The joy Toyeticollector receives from nir rad collection far outweighs the monetary value. The collection may not be worth much monetarily, but it still means the world to Toyeticollector!

Toyeticollector’s collection is very unique! Sure, there are other Transformers collectors out there — heck, we’ve even profiled a few right here in Collector Spotlight, but we’ve never met anyone else that collects Rescue Bots as seriously as Toyeticollector. Toyeticollector nemself has only come across 3-4 other collectors dedicated to Rescue Bots and even then, ne is the most hardcore collector. Look closely at Toyeticollector’s bots! Ne imports items like the UK magazine and toys that only saw release in Latin America.

If Toyeticollector didn’t have to sleep, ne would most likely catch up on things ne has been meaning to read or watch — Toyeticollector has quite the long list of both! We’ve enjoyed nir quest for all things Rescue Bot and can’t wait to see what ne will discover next in blind bags!

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