We’ve got a very special Gemr OG for this week’s Collector Spotlight! Meet Triox — he has well over 1000 items uploaded to Gemr, including more than 600 My Little Pony comic books! He’s cataloged every single MLP comic he owns, including alternative covers and retailer incentives. But is any of his prized collection for sale, and just what is he excited for in 2019? You’ll have to check out his full Spotlight to find out more about this My Little Pony enthusiast!

Even if he didn’t start off collecting My Little Pony merch, Triox was a natural collector beginning in high school. Basketball cards were the name of the game back then, but that all changed when he serendipitously moved to San Diego in 2012. Not only is San Diego a great place to live, but it’s also the headquarters of IDW comics! Triox discovered IDW was going to start publishing My Little Pony comics later that very same year. He began asking his local comic book shop to carry My Little Pony comics. At first, the comic book shop assumed he was joking but, NO! His request was entirely legit! For five years Triox had a monthly pull at the comic shop until they sadly went out of business.

Our BCF (Best Collector Friend) is absolutely a completionist when it comes to collecting his beloved comics! Triox’s ultimate goal is to own every single cover of My Little Pony that IDW publishes. Every single one! Currently, he owns 85.98% of all MLP covers published by IDW, and they’re all meticulously cataloged on Gemr for your browsing pleasure. Triox also has a unique collection of signed My Little Pony art prints. This is also not to be missed!

With a collection as vast as Triox’s, it’s hard to pick just one favorite, so he’s broken his top favorites down by category. His favorite comic, Friendship is Magic #7 Retailer Incentive, was a must have for him when he first laid eyes on it at his local comic shop. Actually, that was the beginning of his goal to own every MLP comics!

Triox’s favorite non-comic book collectible is a rare poster he was able to get his hands on. The poster was used by IDW for their booth during San Diego Comic Con back in 2012. It advertised the new MLP comic that was due out later in 2012. After asking about purchasing the poster for years and years, the shop finally sold it to him on the last day they were open. So very bittersweet!

It’s clear Triox takes great pride in his collection! He regularly posts updates on Gemr highlighting his favorite merch with a thorough description. Fun fact: According to the CGC census, Triox is the ONLY person who has a Signature Series of the Hundred Penny Press 1:100 retailer incentive of Friendship is Magic #1! He oversaw the process from procurement to signing and grading all himself!

Triox organizes his extensive comic book collection in short boxes. In fact, at current count, he has seven short boxes packed with his growing collection. The main series takes up three boxes by itself! Inside each box, his treasure trove is organized in numerical order with the rarest items first. But the exceptional comics? Those are displayed on their very own shelves!

Triox prefers to keep his comics in pristine mint condition. As soon as he gets his hands on a comic, he immediately pops it in a protective bag with a backing board. Or, he sends it to a grading company to be safely encapsulated forever. His other merch? Well, that’s a different story. They’re displayed out of the box unless leaving them unopened will look better on a shelf.

We bet you can guess the Holy Grail items of the man who has 85.29% of the IDW My Little Pony library! He has two very specific comic variants on his radar, and they’re both extremely, and we do mean extremely, rare comics for Issue 12! Only twelve covers were ever made of the first item on his wish list. The second one — wait for it — only had one cover made! If Triox wins the lottery, he plans on hunting down that “Only One Ever” comic and purchasing it. We’ve got our fingers crossed for you, Triox!

Keep your hands off his comics! Triox never plans on selling his extensive collection. If he were ever in a dire financial emergency, maybe, but he’s set up so that never happens. You’ll just have to acquire your own vast MLP comic collection! And you definitely want a unique collection like Triox’s! Until he’s proven otherwise, Triox believes he has the second largest My Little Pony comic collection in the WORLD. And he’s shared it all, right here on Gemr!

We know what Triox is looking forward to in 2019. He got super lucky and scored a 3-day pass to San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Just wait until July when he adds all of his new loot to his Gemr collections! If he didn’t have to sleep, Triox would spend more time playing video games or watching movies. Or maybe even get a second job to fund more items for his collection! We can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for Triox!

Written by Gemr
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