What do the DeLorean, Venom, and Superman have in common? They’re all things this week’s Collector Spotlight passionately collects. Meet Tryksta! His collection is never quite finished and he posts it one glorious, well-posed photo at a time on Gemr — along with really thorough descriptions. Not only did Tryksta recreate the Superman vs. Doomsday battle with his figures, but he also provided the entire backstory too! Give Tryksta a follow and read on to find out why he collects what he does!

Young Tryk loved collecting both Marvel and DC comics. A creative type even then, he “drew” inspiration from his comic books for his drawings. In addition to his beloved comic books, he has always had an affinity for action figures and cars. As an adult, he relives his childhood by picking up particular cars and figures he wished he had had as a child. Our BCF (Best Collector Friend) is a bit of a completionist and his collection quickly grew as he felt compelled to keep purchasing items to fill out his sweet collection. Just check out his large and diverse Superman collection — featuring the Man of Steel with…a mullet???

At times, Tryksta might be into a particular superhero/villain and feel the itch to acquire all — and we mean all — of its best figures or stories. Just take a peek at his his totally insane Venom collection! He’s collected different versions of the symbiote over the years including Anti-Venom, She-Venom and Superior Venom. Other times, the rarity and uniqueness of an item will appeal to him and he just HAS to add it to his collection. One thing that ties his collecting compulsions together is the “awesome” factor of an item. Luckily for us, Tryksta enjoys sharing his taste in collectibles with others who are like-minded.

Just when he thinks it’s gone away, Tryksta gets the urge to add even more to his well-rounded collection! Case in point: his totally rad Batman collection. KAPOW! If he’s not compelled to complete a set, then he looks for unique and cool individual items. His focus occasionally shifts away from figures and he’ll concentrate more on model cars. He provides ample descriptions with all the items he uploads to Gemr so we’re always learning something new too! He may not consider his collection to be especially large, but his focus is laser sharp on just the pieces he loves. One thing our avid collector struggles with? Having enough space!

If our well rounded BCF didn’t have to sleep, he’d spend time on creative pursuits. In addition to kitbashing and customizing figures, he would draw or make new art. Tryksta finds the satisfying process of repainting his figures to be very meditative. We find the process of browsing his collection to be mesmerizing!

Written by Gemr
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