Sleep with one eye open, gripping your collection tight…okay, okay, the Sandman might not be coming for this week’s Collector Spotlight BUT we’re doing you one better and bringing you an epic collector of all things movies, music, and books: TSVomit. When he’s not adding to his collection, TSVomit also plays in death and black metal bands. Come, take our hand, we’re off to never-never land!

Exit light…enter Gemr! Gemr’s orange glow attracted TSVovmit’s attention while he was hunting for just the right app to catalog his collection. In addition to just cataloging tools, he met fellow BCFs – Best Collector Friends –  at Gemr and felt right at home. Friends and family in TSVomit’s life think of him as a hoarder, but we totally get him!

A young Vomit began collecting during the formative years of about 12 or 13. TSVomit liked, no wait, became obsessed with horror and heavy metal and wanted/needed/desired to get his hands on as much related merch as he could. As a testament to TSVomit’s prolific collecting, we give you Exhibit A: over 500 titles in his Gemr VHS collection. In his own words, “I like movies.”

Hush little baby, don’t say a word, TSVomit is on the hunt for eclectic items to add to his collection. Our thrifty and resourceful BCF scours second-hand stores and yard sales for items that catch his eye. If he likes something that he finds, he makes it his. Simple as that! The beauty of collecting TSVomit’s way is that he may complete a collection at any given moment. The dark side is that he may begin an entirely new collection – or three – in a single instance. 

And never mind that noise you heard, it’s just the agony of TSVomit having to select a single favorite item from his large collection. Are you as surprised as we are that he didn’t choose something from his movie collection? TSVomit went with a nostalgic favorite, Alligator Game. Not only did a young Vomit love the movie as a kid, but he also didn’t even know the game existed until he reached into a junk bin and pulled it out. Awww, that will give us dreams of dragon’s fire.

Are the beasts under your bed trying to distract you from a well-organized collection? Marie Kondo would not be thrilled with chaotic dragons, but she would be thrilled to pieces to view TSVomit’s exceedingly well-organized collection. Music and movies are organized by format and alphabetically. Books are categorized by genre and alphabetized. Toys are grouped by brand or type. We mean, just LOOK AT IT. 

Search in the closet in your head…we ask Collector Spotlight features to dig deep and tell us the most sought after object they’ve been dying to add to their collection. TSVomit thought long and hard and decided what he would most like to add to his eclectic assortment of greatness is the actual head of Meg Mucklebones from the 1985 film Legend.


Heavy thoughts tonight, and they aren’t of Snow White. Every collector must decide for themselves if they’re willing to part with their collection for some cold hard cash or keep it all for themselves no matter what the circumstances. TSVomit would sell some pieces if the price was right…but his other items? They will go to the grave with him. 

Take his hand, TSVomit is one heck of a BCF! During his hunts, he often comes across a lot of interesting pieces that may not necessarily be his thing, but might be perfect for another collector. When he does come across something special, he’ll grab it for a fellow collector and work out a trade or something that works for both parties. So, if you’re looking for something, let TSVomit know!

Other people may have collections similar in genre, but TSVomit has a truly one-of-a-kind collection. His collection fits his personality; from music to movies to books to toys, they all generally lean towards the darker side of things. You know what, TSVomit? WE’RE HERE FOR IT.

We tuck you in, warm within….or do we? We asked TSVomit what he would do with all the extra hours he would have if he didn’t need to sleep. A true collector at heart, he replied that he would hunt for the next big find and play music. Well, after work. We can’t wait to see what else TSVomit is going to add to his incredible and eclectic collection. Now, take our hand, we’re off to never-never land……

Written by Gemr
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