By the power of Grayskull, we bring you this week’s Collector Spotlight! Hold onto your butts — and Power Sword — because this week we’re celebrating TurnbuckleTom. You’ve enjoyed perusing his epic collection of LEGO minifigs and now it’s time to meet the collecting mastermind behind it all!

TurnbuckleTom’s journey to Eternia — errr, we mean Gemr — began innocently with a scroll through Facebook. Snuggled between kitten memes and quizzes to find out which type of bread is his spirit animal, TurnbuckleTom saw an orange ad featuring the #1 app for collectors to organize and catalog their collections, meet their BCFs (Best Collector Friends), show off their collectibles and talk all things geeky. SPOILER: It was for us, Gemr! The Facebook algorithm must have read TurnbuckleTom’s mind because he had been searching for a solid way to catalog his collection.

A young Prince Adam began collecting comic books when he was 5…excuse us, TurnbuckleTom began collecting when his generous uncle, himself a collector, gave the young lad duplicate comics or issues he no longer wanted. Every so often his uncle would also throw in a gem like Daredevil #4 or a graded book that was so precious, TurnbuckleTom wasn’t even allowed to read it. Uncle Turnbuckle’s gifts were just the beginning of a mega collection to come.

Some things in life are easier said than done. Every collector knows that statement to be only too true when it comes to completing a set! For a collector with 665 LEGO minifigures shared on Gemr, we would have guessed TurnbuckleTom is a completionist. And we guessed correctly! It’s a matter of pride for this completionist to keep his items minty fresh and in pristine condition. TurnbuckleTom’s minifig collection contains only OFFICIAL LEGO minifigures with original accessories and NO customs and NO duplicates. He’s carefully adding his collection of 1,040 minifigs and counting to Gemr. You know what? We’re here for it!

You know what’s easy? Foiling Skeletor’s evil plot. You know what’s difficult? Choosing a favorite collectible from over 1,400 items. Reluctantly, TurnbuckleTom selected his Masters of the Universe 1981 He-Man action figure. Sure, Prince Adam is footloose and fancy-free out of his original packaging, BUT he’s in great condition with his original Power Sword and Battle Axe. Sadly, it’s not all happy news. Lost to the winds of time, He-Man no longer has his original shield.

Once upon a time, TurnbuckleTom owned ALL of the He-Man toys. We guess you could say our newest BCF was Master of the Universe. As is too often the case, his mom sold his toys at a garage sale. By the power of Grayskull alone, TurnbuckleTom was able to hold onto his He-Man and Skeletor figures. Nyeh nyeh.

Clearly, from TurnbuckleTom’s photos, he has a passion for organization! Every minifig in its place and a place for every minifig. He classifies the articulated LEGO people according to type. For example, Marvel and DC figs are together but not necessarily ordered by LEGO set number.

TurnbuckleTom’s Comic Book collection is arranged thusly: first by brand, then numerically, and finally alphabetically. In TurnbuckleTom’s world, Eternia is beautifully organized.

TurnbuckleTom enjoys the sight of a wall full of unopened action figures. HOWEVER…we took a deep dive into TurnbuckleTom’s neatly categorized collections shared on Gemr and we spied with our little eyes both un-boxed and in-packaging items! While he mainly collects items still in their original packaging, some items just beg to be opened. Some collectors may consider unboxing to be a collecting no-no, but all we have to say is nyeh nyeh.

He-Man has his Sword of Power. She-Ra has the the Sword of Protection. Every great hero has their item of choice, and TurnbuckleTom is on a quest for his Holy Grail. If you happen to come across Comic-Con exclusive minifigs let a BCF know! He is also hunting down Deadpool Duck, Steve Rogers, and The Collector LEGO minifigs!

Have you had your eye on TurnbuckleTom’s First Cent of Uncle Scrooge? Perhaps his original 1993 Nintendo Entertainment System still in working condition? Or maybe his 30th Anniversary Commemorative Collection Limited Edition Masters of the Universe DVDs???? We can’t say for certain which items TurnbuckleTom is willing to sell, but he is very open to trading some items for cash. Other items are earmarked to be passed down to his son or daughter one day.

TurnbuckleTom takes a lot of pride in his LEGO minifigure collection. He has spent over $2,000 on display cases alone, nevermind on the figs themselves! Every collection is unique, and TurnbuckleTom’s collection is set apart due to the rarity of its items. He has put a lot of care and dedication into creating and maintaining his collection. Prince Adam would be proud!

Just like his Holy Grail’s double life as He-Man and Prince Adam, TurnbuckleTom is a career man half the day and a family man the other half. He doesn’t get a ton of time to dive into his passion for collecting and organizing, so he would have big plans for extra time if he didn’t have to sleep. TurnbuckleTom would work on his collections and nerd out all night or catch up on the many TV shows he’s behind on.

Skeletor’s goal is to one day rule all of Eternia and our goal is to hit that follow button for TurnbuckleTom so we never miss the next sweet pickup he shares on Gemr!

Written by Gemr
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