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Vankyler is many things. Avid gamer. Anime fan. Toy photographer. Collector on a budget. Miniature polymer clay sculptor. In this week’s Collector Spotlight, we’re highlighting a collector and skilled artist who handmakes the smallest, most hyper-realistic props for his toy photography. This is one BCF – Best Collector Friend – that will fill your feed with dynamic toy photography and inspiring collectibles. If that doesn’t leave you hungry for more, his sculptures will……

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Way, way back in the primordial days of Gemr, 2015 to be exact, we partnered with JobbytheHong for a “Club War” style giveaway. Vankyler entered our joint giveaway and won. Clearly, we at Gemr are the real winners because he regularly fills our feeds with cool sculptures and photography. While you’re smashing that follow button for Vankyler, head on over to JobbytheHong on YouTube  and subscribe. Jobby will fill your life with hilarious, can’t be missed reviews. 

True, but difficult to believe, Vankyler has only been sculpting since March of 2019. Inspired by a package of Mont Marte polymer clay in a bookstore, Vankyler learned to sculpt thanks to SugarCharmShop tutorials on YouTube. At first, he didn’t have proper sculpting tools, but that didn’t slow him down! He used toothpicks and his aunt’s crochet needle to mold and shape the polymer clay. Accidentally burning his first few sculptures in a toaster oven without temperature controls didn’t dampen his passion either. Vankyler continued to experiment and research until he found the perfected his method and cooking time.  

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The very first sculpture to come out of Vankyler’s toaster oven was a miniature fried chicken. It looks finger-lickin’ good, as do ALL of his miniature food sculptures! Vanykler mainly sculpts Filipino cuisine to feature in his toy photography. Not limited to just delectable looking treats, he also sculpts pendants inspired by nature. Look closely, and you’ll find grass, weeds, and mosses. Vankyler hopes to one day earn money from his sculptures.

He may have just started sculpting, but Vankyler has been a collector since elementary school. When he was but a young Vanky, he collected toys, comic books, posters, and a card game played in the Philippines called “Teks.” Can you guess what else he collected? We’ll give you a few hints — they were ubiquitous in the mid-90s, made of cardboard, and are round and flat. Yep, Pogs! Vankyler has since branched out and now collects Anime figures, video games, and Gundam among other things.

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A self-described Otaku, Vankyler has a Gemr collection just for his “Otaku stuff.” The Otaku collection features gems like cosplay and anime merchandise and a Taito Gloomy Bear plushie. There is one thing you won’t find in any of his collections – a completed series. Vankyler only purchases a collectible that he truly enjoys and can afford. Vankyler is on a tight budget, and every addition must count.

Vankyler does have a favorite item in his collection — well, more like itemS. As a sentimental guy, every item in his collection is precious to him. His adored collectibles are arranged by size and he balances the display by color. Our talented and sentimental BCF is an out of packaging collector. He just can’t resist opening a box!

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Vankyler’s collections of miniature food sculptures, Gundam, and Anime figures are truly unique! Not only does it have sentimental value for Vankyler, but you’ll also never, ever, find another collection like his! Hmm, this does raise the million-dollar question… is Vankyler willing to part with his collection for money? Nope, he still enjoys looking at them!

There is just one thing missing from Vankyler’s collection though. For a very long time, he has wished for a Hatsune Miku scale figure. We hope “the first sound of the future” finds her way to Vankyler’s collection – and soon! A scale figure of the lady with turquoise ponytails would be right home in Vankler’sMy Anime Figures” gallery!

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Like any artist with extra time, Vankyler would practice his sculpting skills, and like any fan, he would devote even more time to playing video games and watching movies and animes. Of course, he would also spend some precious extra hours surfing the net! We can’t wait until Vankyler makes his way to our corner of the net and shows off more sculptures and collectibles. They really are a “feast” for the eyes!

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