It’s that time again — time to introduce you to this week’s Collector Spotlight! Please say hello and give a friendly follow to Vexiled! Not only is he curator of the Owls, Owls, Owls! Club, he is a collector of all things cool and interesting…like digital artwork, Deadpool, enamel pins, and (obviously) owls! Vexiled also has a TON of hand-drawn artwork in the Undiscovered Artists Club. Read on to learn more about this club curator and talented artist!

Vexiled’s passion for collecting runs in his family! His grandmother collected birds: glass, wood, ceramic, you name it, she collected it! Vexiled’s mom collected dragons in all shapes, forms, and materials too! While young Vex was growing up, he was inspired by his family to start his own collections. He began with the usual suspects: comics, posters, and action figures. Because Vexiled is a late 70’s kid, there was a lot of awesome stuff for him to choose from to collect in the 80’s. And wow, did he have a ton of it!

Tragically, at age 16 he thought he was too “grown-up” and sold off most of his amazing collection. In his early 20’s he had a change of heart and began collecting action figures, statues, vinyl albums, and posters. THEN — you won’t believe this — an electrical fire wiped out his newly acquired collection! However, our intrepid collector did not let that discourage him. He continued to rebuild his collection when he moved across the country at age 35. Currently, everything he owns is less than a decade old, but he loves it all!

Vexiled isn’t strictly a high-end collector. He doesn’t discriminate based on scale, brand or any other standard criteria. If he likes it, he collects it! Vexiled loves Deadpool and Batman so he collects anything he sees relating to those two characters. He also loves monsters and owls so he’ll pick up any that he comes across. Vexiled never collects for resale value or status, he simply collects the things that make him happy. This modest collector doesn’t think his collection is unique….but it totally is! He has some custom one-of-a-kind pieces, tons of artwork, cool figures…AND IT’S HIS!

What would our unique collector do if he didn’t have to sleep? Well, he already doesn’t sleep that much as it is — his brain is always on! He generally draws a lot, so he would probably continue to practice that hobby. We hope he’s adding more of his amazing artwork to Gemr, too, while he’s at it!

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Written by Gemr
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