We can’t wait to introduce you to WastedSugar! She’s been adding items from her many collections to Gemr like crazy! Not only is WastedSugar an artist and proud geek, she’s an avid collector of Pokemon cards, pop culture shirts, pins and buttons, tsum tsums and action figures — and we haven’t even mentioned her collections of everything Sailor Moon, Star Wars, Marvel and Harry Potter! With over 200 items in 17 collections, you never know what you’ll discover next from WastedSugar. Give her a follow so you never miss a thing!

You see, it all goes back to the early 90’s when a young Sugar started collecting Sailor Moon and Pokemon. Sugar’s parents purchased a few packs of Pokemon cards for her, and before she knew it, she had collected over 2000 cards! Say what?! Don’t worry, WastedSugar still has all her cards safely stored in binders and boxes! She was also interested in collecting Sailor Moon merch, and her parents went all out for Christmas and birthdays. They would order toys from Japan and scour eBay for great finds. WastedSugar doesn’t have allll the toys from her childhood, but she did manage to hold onto a good portion of them!

WastedSugar buys and collects what catches her eye and would look good on the shelf. Exactly what does WastedSugar collect? This bargain hunter browses clearance aisles and Goodwill shelves for collectibles like action figures, plushies, art prints, Pokemon cards, posters, stickers badges, magnets, tsum tsums, mugs, band shirts, socks, board games, and dolls. WHEW! If she had to narrow it down, WastedSugar’s major collections are Star Wars, Funko Pops, and the Avengers. Even though she likes some DC characters, she’s mainly obsessed with Marvel. Yeah, we’d say she has a pretty unique collection!

When WastedSugar isn’t collecting, she’s practicing her favorite hobby: drawing! She posts all of her drawings to Instagram (@wastedsugar) and Facebook (katrinapalusoart). If she didn’t have to sleep, she would read all the books she never got around to reading or binge-watch Netflix. A big dream of hers is to one day have a booth at conventions! We have no doubt that one day people will be WastedSugar collectors and have a shelf dedicated just to her art!

Are you a huge Pokemon fan like WastedSugar? Come find some Onix-pected things in our Pokemon Club, where Eevee-body comes to have fun! Well, sometimes we think we should keep our Meowth’s shut, but then how would we talk about Pokemon?!

Are you wondering why Pokemon is still a thing after 20 years? After more than 1000 episodes and 300 million games sold, Pokemon is still a powerhouse that’s sticking around and that makes us super happy! But why are we still catching ‘em all after all these years? Why do we still get that little rush of excitement whenever they announce a new game, or heck, even a remake? They sell millions in merch every year, and we buy it up like it might disappear tomorrow. What makes this franchise so much more long lasting than all the others that come and go? Intrigued?! Read more here.

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