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Put down that Homecoming edition of the Daily Bugle — we’re about to unmask this week’s amazing Collector Spotlight! For the very first time, the comic book enthusiast and collector behind fan-favorite dynamic superhero photos on Gemr is about to be revealed. He’s far from home, so give him a warm welcome…meet the “thwip-ing” amazing WillStar25!

Photo of WillStar25 in an iron man helmet

Thanks to Gemr’s hefty advertising budget in such esteemed publications as the Daily Bugle, WillStar25’s best friend (Ned Leeds?) knew all about our ultimate collector community app. Even though his friend doesn’t collect anything himself, he recognized WillStar25’s passion for collecting comic books, video games, and just about anything movie pop culture related. So he recommended Gemr as a collecting resource. Now, WillStar25 is fully ensnared in our web…mwahahaha. 

When he was but a young spiderling, WillStar25’s brother introduced him to his very first superhero – the Man of Steel – Superman! This super experience sparked a life-long fascination with everything and anything superhero related. For WillStar25, there’s no need to argue over who would win in a battle of Spider-Man versus Nightwing. DC and Marvel universes coexist peacefully in his collection. WillStar25 snaps up (see what we did there?) statues, Funkos and action figures across the pop culture spectrum. 

Thanks to his collector spidey-sense, WillStar25 has an increased ability to add highly detailed and exceptional quality items to his web of collectibles. He is currently in hot pursuit of a few more Marvel Legends action figures to add to his already impressive collection. Marvel Legends action figures are well known for being highly articulated with detailed sculpts so we are not surprised to find them on WillStar25’s must-have list!

We like to stay away from topics that are too controversial, like picking a favorite Spider-Man suit, so we asked WillStar25 an easier question. We just have to know, does he have a favorite item in his collection? Hold onto your Wheat Cakes, because he sure does have a favorite! Meet Lion-O, Lord of the ThunderCats. 

Not only did WillStar25 become super obsessed with superheroes at a young age, but he was also a HUGE fan of the cartoon TV series ThunderCats. MEOW! The short-lived 80s show about human-cat hybrids featured weekly life lessons that struck a chord with the young spiderling. Even though Lion-O was lord over all the Thunderians, he continued to learn life lessons and develop throughout the series run.

Our friendly neighborhood BCF – Best Collector Friend – weaves a complicated web. With a diverse collection spanning multiple genres, it is quite the task to organize his large collection. WillStar25 has a solution though! He categorizes his compilation of superhero memorabilia according to brand, then by theme. 

Just as he has love for both Marvel and DC, WillStar25 unboxes some collectibles while also keeping other items in their original packaging. He has plans to sell items he has kept minty fresh in their packaging BUT there are some items in his collection he will absolutely never part with. When collectibles such as his X-Men the Last Stand Beast Bust make his spider-sense tingle, he takes them out of the box to display. 

Spider-Man has superhuman agility and reflexes…but does he have collector superpowers? Can he use the ability to cling to surfaces to cling to his Holy Grail? We will just have to tune in next week to discover if he has captured a long sought after ¼ scale statue of X-Men’s Gambit. Mon Dieu!

WillStar25’s collection contains treasures from across the pop culture landscape. His unique collection features a wide variety of brands that can’t be categorized into one genre or contained in one category. You know what, WillStar25? We’re here for all your rad collectibles in the Spiderverse and beyond!

Uncle Ben once said, “with great power comes great responsibility.” If WillStar25 had the power to stay awake forever, he would use his extra time to prowl for the next addition to his collection! Now that’s a collector superpower we can fully support! Smash that follow button for WillStar25 and check out his latest pickup!

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