This week, we’ve got a really pin-teresting Collector Spotlight to bring you! WinterKL is an artist, photographer, and an avid collector of all things Disney pin related. With over 1200 items on Gemr — most of them pins — she’s a total collecting pin-spiration! We find it super interesting that WinterKL did NOT find pin collecting, pin collecting found her….

You may know WinterKL for her massive pin collection, but she’s also a Barbie and fashion doll enthusiast! Collecting dolls and accessories began when she was very young — so young, she was a toddler! A young WinterKL received her first Barbie on Christmas morning when she was just three years old, and has been steadily growing her Barbie and fashion doll collection ever since!

Members of the Gemr community are already super familiar with WinkerKL’s ginormous pin collection! Over the past three years that WinterKL has been posting to Gemr, she has gained more than 4,000 followers who eagerly await her next pin-teresting upload.

In a tale as old as time (okay, 12 years ago), WinterKL went on holiday to Walt Disney World. Like Aladdin finding a genie lamp, WinterKL came across a lost pin on the ground. Unfortunately — or maybe serendipitously — there was no one to return to the pin to. Like all fairytales, this one comes with a moral: always use locking pin backs!

WinterKL has high standards when it comes to amassing items in her collection, and they’re not based on monetary value. She has an artist’s eye and MUST find items visually stimulating. WinterKL is also not a completionist. Pins are often released as part of a set or wave, but she’ll skip any uninteresting ones. Lucky you, if a pin isn’t appealing to her, she’ll sell or trade. Hey, if the glass slipper doesn’t fit…..

Remember Teek from Star Wars? He’s a funny little creature from Endor with greyish fur and two large front teeth. Not just a wonderful obscure Star Wars character, Teek is WinterKL’s favorite pin! The force must have been with WinterKL when snagged this item because embedded in the pin is a piece of fabric taken from the Star Tours seats at Disneyland after renovation. Look closely to spy the bonus fabric piece!

Like Elsa and Arendelle, WinterKL is the queen of her domain and imposes order over her extensive collection. Barbies and dolls are organized chronologically with the oldest, a #6 ponytail Barbie, separate from the newest addition from the 2018 Wreck-It Ralph sequel. Pins are another “tale.” They’re organized alphabetically by film or character.

Our BCF – Best Collector Friend — has a discerning eye not only when it comes to adding to her collection, but also when deciding on whether or not to keep the packaging. Packaging only gets to stay if it enhances the item. Plain old boxes get recycled, BUT if there’s a scene from a movie or if the packaging fits the theme of the article, then WinterKL may decide to keep it.

Shining, shimmering, splendid….the collector’s Holy Grail! WinterKL is one fortunate collector because not only has she attained her Holy Grail, she received it as a birthday gift in 2018. WinterKL’s most prized possession is a Mattel Casey doll from the Mod Era. According to Barbie lore, Casey is a friend of Barbie’s cousin, Francine. In a twist of fate, redhead Casey dolls are actually brunettes that oxidized as they aged and can be very difficult to find. WinterKL has a special affinity for the Mod era doll because they’re both redheads.

This humble collector doesn’t consider her collection unique, but we do! WinterKL has a wide variety of pins with everything from a colorful David Bowie to a Pepita from Coco and a kawaii style Spider-Girl to an Ariel perfume bottle. There’s a “little” something for everyone to enjoy while browsing her 16 well-organized and well-photographed collections on Gemr. As a special bonus, she even takes photos of the pin backs to give more information. Her pins are pin-teresting to look at, AND you also get peeks at rare Limited Edition pins that aren’t frequently seen…even within the pin collecting community!

If WinterKL didn’t need to sleep, she would spend more time traveling. When she’s not uploading her sweet pins to Gemr, she’s traveling the world! Every six weeks, WinkerKL tries to go on holiday to a new city or region within a country. We’re glad this world traveler has discovered Gemr and is such a vibrant part of the community!

Written by Gemr
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