In this week’s Collector Spotlight, we’re bringing you an 80s kid with a passion for collecting and a unique perspective. A self-described toy hoarder and lurker of sites, Xcept’s massive collection stirs up major nostalgia and we’re totally here for it. Featuring not just vintage toys and feel-good memories, find out more about this awesome collector and his always lurking Itch…

Based in the tiny nation of Brunei, on the island of Borneo in South East Asia, Xcept was but a lad in the 80s. While growing up, he was constantly told that his family couldn’t afford expensive toys …but he had an Itch that wouldn’t go away. As an adult, he has tried to scratch that Itch and spent his hard-earned money on acquiring — yep, you guessed it. All. The. Toys. 

Growing up, Xcept may not have had a lot of store-bought toys, but he did make his own. He still maintains a collection of rad toys from the 80’s and we’re excited that he has shared such treasures as Shredder, Peter Venkman, and Lion-O in his Vintage Toys gallery on Gemr. Although he had totally tubular toys from his 80s childhood, the Itch for more toys only got stronger in high school and college…

Even when Xcept made a large purchase like a car, the Itch lingered. Finally, finally, the darkness parted and the Itch was silenced when he began scoring sweet finds via online shopping. To fulfill a promise to his 7-year-old self, Xcept collected G1 Transformers. Only Decepticons — never, ever Autobots — because those, well, those are boring! G1 Transformers were followed by McFarlane Dragons, NECA Alien vs. Predator action figures, which led to modern Transformers, third party Transformers, Star Wars vehicles, followed by ⅙ scale figures, and finally Gundam Model Kits. Xcept does not strive to complete a series. He only strives to satisfy whatever the Itch desires. 

Thanks to all of his totally rad acquisitions, Xcept’s collecting Itch was now happy. But, he was always curious about shiny new toy lines and redesigns… One day, there were more boxes than space available to display all of his new merch. Soon, the Itch became overwhelmed. Xcept had all the figures he could ever want, but he couldn’t actually see them because all of the boxes were in the way. Xcept is an out of the box collector, but he no longer had the space to display his items. Nevertheless, the buying continued and the boxes kept coming. 

He was about to make another purchase from one of his favorite online stores, when he stopped, took a second, and asked himself, “Don’t I already have that one?” The fear of accidentally buying multiples caused Xcept’s Itch to second guess every new acquisition. The Itch pivoted. Instead of buying new, more, better, the Itch became focused on cataloging instead.

Xcept spent years searching for an online system to catalog his collection. He made Excel tables complete with lists and links and even devoted time to creating his own website to catalog his vast collection. However, the Itch remained disappointed and unfilled. That is, until one day, when Xcept discovered Gemr in the Android Marketplace. The Itch demanded Gemr!

Despite always trying to satisfy the Itch, Xcept has NOT achieved his Holiest of Grails. Dino Rider’s Tyrannosaurus-Rex has eluded him, but he is holding out for a minor miracle. Even though he is short on space, Xcept has no plans to sell his large and diverse collection. His sole goal is to enjoy every item from all the various toy lines that he has purchased to satisfy the Itch. 

If Xcept didn’t have to sleep, he would photograph his collection and spend more time reminiscing about the good old days with the Itch. Xcept would like to leave his fellow Best Collector Friends some advice: “Don’t just listen to your Itches, negotiate and compromise so both of you will be happy and still have space to enjoy your collection together.”

Written by Gemr
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