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FIST BUMP! And, while we’re at it, go ahead and smash that follow button for Yoshi420! You may know this huge Deadpool fan and curator of the Yowie Club for his enthusiasm and friendly nature, but he’s also got one heck of a collection! Read on to find out how he got bit by the radioactive collecting bug and what Marvel Legends figures have to do with quitting smoking.

Two images side by side of Yoshi420's Marvel Legends and Funko Pop collections

Some time back, waayyy back, in January 2019, when the days were long and cold, Yoshi420 stumbled across an inviting orange glow on Facebook. Was that orange glow a radioactive spider? Gamma radiation? An insane alien symbiote? Nope to all of the above! It was us, Gemr – waiting to be discovered. Yoshi420 joined Gemr and the rest of the story is the stuff of legends!

Like all good comic book storylines, Yoshi420 has an origin story of his very own. The proverbial radioactive collecting spider bit him in the most “magical” of ways – via Magic: The Gathering cards. As so often happens, one thing led to another and Yoshi420 started collecting Marvel comics, DC comics, DVDs, and Funko Pops. Luckily for everyone, his multiple collections are all neatly cataloged on Gemr.

three images side by side, one of Yoshi420's funko pops, one of his venom statues, and one of his Avengers Marvel Legends figures

When it comes to adding new pieces, Yoshi420 searches for items to complete his various collections. He definitely considers himself a series completionist. If you think that’s why he has so many Marvel Legends figures….you’ll have to read on!

three images side by side of Marvel Legends Figures: one of Sasquatch, one of a sentinel, one of venom

Our BCF – Best Collector Friend – keeps his collection organized by type. All Marvel Legend figures are together, Funko Pops are stored in their own place and all the wonderful and random are lumped together, too! Yoshi420 considers himself an out of box collector and regularly shares cleverly posed setups featuring merch from a wide variety of fandoms.

three images side by side: one of a marvel legends captain america throwing a poke ball at a toy pikachu, one of his deadpool collection, and one of two lucky care bears and a saint patrick's day pikachu.

Whether you’re a DC fan or a Marvel fan, chances are you have a favorite character — and Yoshi420 certainly has his!. The Hulk has a weakness for puppies, and the Yosh-ster has a weakness for Venom! His favorite in his collection is, hands down, his Venom statue. Venom, and the statue, can be easily explained in one word – AWESOMENESS.

a waist up bust of Venom with his teeth exposed (but no tongue)

Yoshi420 is on a mission – his holy grail collectible is the LEGO Star Wars Death Star. When he isn’t taking over the MCU, Yoshi420 is battling to save the Empire! We hope the force is with him and he acquires the LEGO Death Star soon!

three images side by side, one of his overwatch collection, one of his star wars collection and one of his marvel legends boxes

Unless he has doubles, Yoshi420 is not willing to part with his collection – so keep your hands to yourself! It’s too hard for him to even think about letting go of anything in his sweet sweet collection. Yoshi420’s collection is totally one of a kind and unique because it helped him quit smoking! Now who can part with that?!

A picture of Yoshi420 irl with textures from the yoshi games.

If he had extra hours in the day, Yosh-ster would spend his time playing Call of Duty! Of course, he would also spend even more time Gemr-ing and making new connections. Yoshi420 is always up for a fist bump and we can’t wait to see what he adds next to his collection! FIST BUMP!

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