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Time to lace up your boots and tie on a red headband, because we’ve got an enduring icon from the 80s featured in this week’s Collector Spotlight. With nothing but his bare hands, he’s collected over 1,000 items and showed them off on Gemr while single-handedly curating not one, but two Clubs. A community-wide recognized action hero, he’s… John_Rambo! Read on and accept our mission to learn more about his collecting tactics….

Part I

John_Rambo wandered aimlessly in the chaotic years leading up to his discovery of the ultimate collector community app. When he downloaded our free app, he slipped through the perimeter and joined a large community of collectors who shared the same interests. Now, John_Rambo is decidedly NOT an expendable part of Gemr!

As a military kid, John_Rambo moved around a lot growing up and collected items as a way to make his surroundings always feel like home. Plot twist! Now the master of his own domain, he doesn’t even have enough space for all his cool stuff. John_Rambo collects and cherishes anything he determines to have artistic merit or sentimental value. Simply put, he likes to be surrounded by things that are just plain badass! No longer alone, John_Rambo collects with his young daughter Alyssa.

John J. Rambo collects body counts, while John_Rambo collects…well, everything! He doesn’t have a favorite genre or subject, so if he loves it, he gets it. Skilled in collecting many things, he scoops up items as varied as a Superman Death Trap comic book signed by Barry Kitson, a vintage Dragon Ball Z card, and a Ducati 1199 Panigale die-cast car. While we’re on the topic of cool things, you’ll have to recon John_Rambo’s Random Collectables for yourself!

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Part II

On to the interrogation! We asked John_Rambo to hunt for a favorite item in his jungle of a collection and he found one! Okay, he found one thousand and twenty-four of them! Each and every item is a favorite, especially those from his childhood or gifted by his daughter. John_Rambo easily gets attached to his collectibles and his young daughter has the same bug! He even saves the packaging to all his items after he rips out each one to enjoy. 

YO! Oops, wrong franchise — we want to know how John_Rambo organizes such a large collection. Well, much like his namesake action hero, our collecting hero was a man of few words when we asked him for his strategy. He summed up his game plan in a single word: HA! John_Rambo’s daddy-daughter pad is filled with cards in binders, comics mostly in sleeves within shoeboxes, and Hot Wheels, action figures, books, and everything under the sun mounted and displayed on every surface.

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Skilled in hand-to-hand collecting, John_Rambo is on a mission to obtain a Jordan rookie card. He wouldn’t mind picking up some classic comics too! Our BCF – Best Collector Friend – is seriously content with his collection as is, even without a Holy Grail to search for. He feels so lucky that he and his daughter have been able to surround themselves with such amazing things from around the world. John_Rambo enjoys sharing his collection with his others because, after all, nothing is worth having if you don’t have anyone to enjoy it with! John_Rambo, you’re coming in loud and clear!

When his daughter turns 18, not only will she be officially old enough to watch the R-rated Rambo franchise, her dad plans on selling their comics and cards to help fund her education. Until then, John_Rambo isn’t planning on selling any of his large collection. One of his greatest pleasures in life is his love of collecting and the whole world that comes along with it. Sharing his collection on Gemr enables him to relive the buzz and escapism that comes along with collecting.

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Part III

Rambo will always have his red bandana, and John_Rambo will always have his collection. He even dreams of opening a store one day! Until then, we can all enjoy his extensive kick-ass collection on Gemr.

Is this the end of John_Rambo’s Collector Spotlight? “NOTHING IS OVER! NOTHING!!”

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