Could Lego Architecture Studio actually be useful for architects?

Lego is stepping out of the playroom with a set of building bricks aimed at architects. But is it worth £150? A bunch of former architecture students threw a block party to put it to the test

One of the most popular children’s toys of all time is attempting a grown up move by launching The Lego Architect Studio in the UK.  The development came out of an attempt to explore how the blocks that have been seen as play things for years might be able to have a more functional use in the field of architecture.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Lego has tried to market it’s product to adults.  As the ultimate 3D puzzle, adults never seem to grow out of playing with Legos.  Lego quickly realized this and has been pushing Lego replicas of famous buildings and landmarks that are clearly designed with adults in mind.  The Lego Architect Studio would, however, be the first time that Lego has attempted to differentiate itself into becoming a tool that could be used in education or the workforce rather than pure entertainment purposes.  The new sets marketed under the Lego Architect name will come without user instructions for the first time ever.  In the place of directions, users will receive material designed to inspire them.  Other former Lego staples missing from the new architecturally geared version is the brightly hued color we’re used to and those familiar little yellow people.

Contributors from The Guardian test out Lego’s sleek and mature model and found it to be a “limiting” “laborious process” to brainstorm architectural styles, but nonetheless believes it would be openly adopted by Lego enthusiasts and architects across the board.

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