Creative Types From Manolo Blahnik to Milton Glaser on Their Favorite Writing and Drawing Instruments

Want to channel your inner Manolo Blahnik?  That might mean kicking it old school and ditching your high-tech tablet for the more conventional forgotten about writing instruments.  Eight wildly successful artists, authors, and designers share their love affair with the original tools that made them household names.  The utensils of desire range from classic pencils and paintbrushes to the very specific Pilot Precise V5.

Manolo Blahnik, probably the most recognizable name in the bunch, became famous for his much sought after line of high end footwear that was heavily referenced in “Sex and the City”.  What does this design genius hold in his hand?  Blahnik is a devoted mink and sable paint brush fan.  When asked about creating his designs on the computer his response was a fervent “No! No! No! I cannot have a conversation with a computer. The computer I find very surreal, very unknown. I trust my own eye and my brain working together more than working with a machine.”

Another featured designer that’s garnering celebrity obsession is Maria Black with her trendy but always elegant jewelry line.  She prefers to hold the Staedtler .05 mechanical pencil.  Apparently there are more brands out there than Bic and the old faithful Staples generic brand of mechanical pencils.  Black treasures the imperfection of her own hand and, like Blahnik, dismisses the use of computers in her designs.

Others featured include graphic novelist Milton Glaser, architect Kulapat Yantrasast, interior decorator Fernando Santangelo, cartoonist Roz Chast, industrial designer Peter Ragonetti, and landscape architect Tom Stuart-Smith.

So.. What’s in your hand?


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