Darrow Discusses Reprint Collections, Reflect on Career

Fans of Geoff Darrow get ready, Dark Horse Comics has three long out-of-print collections coming down the line. Not only will Darrow and Frank Miller’s “Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot” receive a fancy new Gallery Edition, but “Bourbon Thret”, Darrow’s first published comics work previously only available in French, will arrive in its first English translation, and his critically acclaimed “Shaolin Cowboy” will be collected for the first time ever in America.

Working in comics since the 1980s, Geof Darrow spent much of his career in France, breaking into comics there and going on to work in many different artistic fields, including an animation job with Hanna Barbara and design work with the Wachowskis on “The Matrix,” all while publishing more work, including “Hard Boiled” with Frank Miller.

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