Decor Detail: Vintage Board Games

There’s always a bit of a dilemma when finding a great vintage item: what do I do with it?  We’ve all been there.  You’re at a flea market and simply fall in love with an item (or, let’s be honest, many items) but can’t seem to figure out how it’ll fit into your life and decor.  Many items may seem great but if you don’t have a way to incorporate it into your overall design and put it on display then you may end up passing by with a defeated sigh and move on without your brief love interest.  One item that always looks great at flea markets but doesn’t easily lend itself to home decor is the much beloved vintage board game.  The sense of nostalgia to our childhood and a time past makes vintage board games a charming little item, but again there’s that question: what can I do with it?

Apartment Therapy has created a fresh take on decor ideas with a series of images showing different ways in which vintage board games can become an unexpected part of your home decor and where you might be able to find similar items.  Some ideas include decorating the wall of a children’s room, adorning a country style hutch, or even creating vases out of former dice cups.  What design inspiration will you find in these old games?

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