Denver Comic Con, Jim Butcher, Nintendo World Championships and Deadpool? All in one post?!

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This year’s Denver Comic Con is right around the corner and we wanted to go huge this year.  We have three separate events happening at booth 341 and I think you may get a kick out of all of them.  Well, hopefully at least one of them anyway.

First off, thanks to the awesomeness of a certain mister Patrick Rothfuss, (that happened to be at our booth for C2E2 in Chicago) another fantastically awesome author will be visiting each day to do another autograph session. This means you can get your book / swag / Cards Against Humanity card / dice bag / other random unique stuff signed!  Who is this awesome author that would willingly sign all of these potentially strange things?  Why, none other than Jim Butcher, author of The Dresden Files, Codex Alera and the upcoming Cinder Spire series.  Jim will be at our booth at the following times to sign autographs, take photos and be generally awesome:

  • Saturday the 23rd – 5:30pm
  • Sunday the 24th – 4:00pm
  • Monday the 25th – 1:00pm.

But wait, there’s more!  In thanks for Jim coming by our booth each day, we wanted to return the favor to him by helping him out.  For each person that signs up to Gemr via this link and at the booth at Denver Comic Con, Gemr will donate $2.00 to the charity of Jim’s choosing – Missouri Pit Bull Rescue.

What?  $2.00 isn’t enough you say?  Fine!  For the first two items that you upload to the site when you sign up, we’ll donate $1.00 for each item (up to 2).  That’s $2.00 for signing up, and an additional $2.00 if you upload 2 items.  Grand total that we would be donating to charity on your behalf just for signing up to Gemr and uploading a couple items?  $4.00. Not too shabby!

So Jim Butcher signing autographs at the booth?  Check.  What’s next?  How about a little competition.  In honor of the Nintendo World Championships being 25 years old this year, and the fact that they’re bringing them back (woo!), why not give folks a chance to compete at the original NWC from 1990.  Yup, we have our hands on a copy of one of the rarest games on the planet, and we’re going to let YOU play the game.  Get the highest score and you win a prize.  The prize will be grand.  Hopefully the Nintendo survives the trip to Denver from New Hampshire in the Gemr van.

So let’s recap: Jim Butcher signing autographs, donating to charity for every person that signs up to Gemr and uploads items, the ability to play and compete in one of the rarest Nintendo games ever?  Sounds great!

We should do more.

Good idea!

How about a Deadpool cosplay competition?  Yup, that’s right – Gemr is hosting a (very short notice) Deadpool competition at this year’s Denver Comic Con.  How do you enter?   Swing by the booth on Saturday or Sunday and get your picture taken in your best Deadpool cosplay.  We’ll take pictures and let folks vote.  We’ll narrow it down to the top 3, and the winner of Saturday night’s cosplay contest will choose the best Deadpool!  They’ll win a pretty awesome prize…I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s amazing. Here are the rules to enter:

In your Deadpool cosplay – come to booth 341 on Saturday (all day) or Sunday (before 1pm).  Voting will start from 1:00pm on Sunday and run until 5:00pm on Sunday.  Winner will be announced on Sunday at around 6:00pm at a location TBD.  MUST BE PRESENT AND IN DEADPOOL COSPLAY TO WIN.  Let’s get some Deadpool fans to the booth folks!  Bring your friends!  Bring me a taco! I’m the tall guy there.

tldr; Jim Butcher at booth, sign up to Gemr using this link ( and we donate to charity, come play super rare Nintendo World Championship from 1990 and win a prize, cosplay as Deadpool and win an awesome trophy!

See you in Denver at booth 341!  Don’t forget the tacos, I’ll be hungry!

Dave from Gemr