Drivers find cool collectibles on the road

It starts with a driver spotting an interesting item and deciding to buy it. Then — oh look, there’s another one, slightly different. And that gets purchased too. Somewhere along the way, an interest turns into a bit of an obsession, and all of a sudden that driver is a bona fide collector.

The millions of truck drivers of America probably see more of the country than anyone else can boast so who better to become the secret pickers of all of America’s treasures?  There is a surprising amount of truck drivers who find themselves becoming serious collectors after years of acquiring unique and interesting pieces from their journeys.  Many of these drivers, however, don’t stay in any one place for very long, so the question becomes, where do you put it all?

One truck driver featured in Road King Magazine originates from Germany but now resides in Canada where he works as a  truck driver driving through all of Canada and the U.S.  His collection?  License plates from every state he’s ever driven through, sometimes multiple of them.  The license plates adorn the inside of his cab, making his truck a little more personal and, perhaps, even feel like home.

Another driver keeps his prized die cast replica truck collection in a storage unit.  Guess there wasn’t enough room for trucks in his truck!

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