Elvis – That’s the Way it Is… but is That the Way it will Stay as Well?

Five more years, and Elvis Presley will have been dead for as long as he was alive.  That’s seldom an anniversary that the world sits up and pays attention to, but it’s actually on of the most pertinent of them all.

Nice round numbers, your fives, tens and twenty-fives, they’re fine because… well, because they’re nice and round.  But the mirror moment is the one that matters, because that’s where you can sit back and seriously consider – this is what happened during the forty-two years that he lived, for which he can be held directly responsible (or at least influential).  And this is what has happened in the forty-two years since….

We’re not going there today, and not simply because the answer is probably too depressing to contemplate.  But also because we have another five years to go, and absolutely anything could happen in that time.

Let’s hope so.


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