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Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote “life is a journey, not a destination.” If you are a collector, then collecting is a parallel conviction.

Someone who understands collecting on a surface level may believe collectors simply go on shopping sprees at flea markets or antique stores and call it a day. However, those who are deep in the trenches of passionate collecting know there’s more. Like a brave hero heeding the call to adventure, the collector’s journey is one that arguably never ends. Even if your collection only consists of a small shelf of items, you too have the collecting spirit inside you.

Over the years, collectors have distilled the process of collecting into four general steps that we call “the collector’s journey.” These can be summarized like this:

  1. Discover
  2. Display
  3. Discuss
  4. Buy & Sell

However, collectors who embark on this adventure online will find their escapade disjointed. You might begin a simple Google search to find an item, but soon enough you’ll be scouring social media sites, online “flea markets” such as eBay, and outdated message boards in the hope of connecting with the people and collectibles relevant to you. No one said the collector’s journey would be easy, but by the same token, no one said it has to be difficult.

Here at Gemr, we’re working tirelessly to build a community that encompasses all facets of the collecting experience in equal measure, providing collectors with a truly unified platform for everything they love. Join us as we describe how these 4 collecting tenets continue to guide us in building the ultimate community for collectors, by collectors.

Polaroid Camera

a.cucerzan’s vintage polaroid camera; one of many unique collectibles you could discover on Gemr.


Oftentimes, we won’t stumble upon new collectibles deliberately. Rather, collectibles seem to have a way of finding us.

If you’ve ever found that perfect item you just had to have, then you’re surely familiar with the euphoria that comes with that moment of discovery. Whether it’s the first item to start your collection or the 100th piece you’ve been hunting down for months, that rush never goes away. This is why Gemr boasts so many unique ways to find new collectibles. Those looking for a specific item can easily use our search feature, while others hoping to organically stumble upon great collectibles can peruse our clubs, user curated collections, and more. Whatever your discovery process is, we want Gemr to be a perfect fit.


Owning an amazing item is one thing, but showcasing it with others who share the same collecting tastes is another. You know what it’s like to be in awe at the sight of someone’s incredible collection, so how do you go about garnering those kinds of reactions from others?

Sharing your collection with like-minded collectors who appreciate your collecting savvy is something to be encouraged, since it’s a big part of why collecting is fun! We at Gemr want to give your collection a space to be center stage, uninhibited by unrelated status updates or cute cat videos diverting attention. We provide you with the online equivalent of an in-home display case where you exhibit your collection, and owners of collections like graphic novels and Funko Pops have taken full advantage of this. Besides, should you wind up rearranging your home and moving your collectibles, you’ll know your virtual collection on Gemr will always remain intact.

Of course, we want to help you put your best foot forward, which is why we are creating content to help you organize your collection and take amazing photos of your items. We’ll be continuing to provide similarly informative content in the future as well!

Action Comics #1 Superman

User sullivananimation doesn’t own this copy of Action Comics, but the community has been vocal about their envy for this holy grail regardless.


We may stumble upon collectibles by chance, but the collections we keep are no accident. Much of what we collect will tend to be a direct reflection of our lives, interests, and passions. If an R2D2 statue greets you at the entrance of someone’s home, you can safely assume that Star Wars holds a special place in that person’s heart.

It’s fun to talk with other collectors about the things they collect, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg when considering the myriad of conversations an item can create. Some may look at a Brass Brunton compass and ask about its age, and others may ask how the owner came to acquire such an item. We believe every individual piece and every topic is worthy of conversation, so Gemr gives users the space to talk amongst themselves on nearly every page of the site. For instance, users can post Facebook-style updates to talk about collectibles, or they can go directly to our myriad of clubs for specialized discussion forums. What’s more, we also support a robust private messaging system for users to talk directly with one another. Make your collecting experience exactly as social as you’d like!

wood carved painting

auctionwally’s Hard Carved Russian “Wood Painting” is one of many exquisitely unique collectibles being sold on Gemr.

Buy & Sell

Collections don’t spontaneously appear in our homes out of nowhere, even if we wish that were the case. Buying and selling collectibles represents a necessary and exciting peak of the collector’s journey, and fortunately for us, the collecting community allows a degree of bartering that is usually unheard of in major online marketplaces.

Want to negotiate a lower buying price or a higher selling price? You have the freedom to do that. Want to just trade items and put away your wallet? Collectors have been doing that for decades! We know that buying and trading is an integral part of the collecting experience, which is why Gemr seamlessly integrates the marketplace into the community. For instance, our Make an Offer feature allows you to place a bid on items that aren’t listed for sale, and the recipient has the freedom to counter your offer as well. Even if you aren’t in the market to buy or sell anything, the appropriate tools needed will always be there whenever you’re ready.

rubber stamps

ccedts $3 – $15 rubber stamps show how the Gemr community has collectibles for any budget.

Even if buying and selling items marks a figurative climax in the collector’s journey, it is far from the end. On the contrary, just as the hero’s journey concludes with the hero returning home until adventure calls their name once more, so too does the collector journey forth and lie in wait until another moment of discovery strikes. To put it plainly, a collector’s journey is circular, beginning anew as every “chapter” ends. Each of these 4 segments naturally leads into another, and we’re here to give collectors what they need, every step of the way.

So come, share your own journey with us. Whether you’re in the depths of creating an elaborate display or you have yet to collect even a single item, we’ll be waiting on every detail of your emerging story with bated breath.

Written by Gemr
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