Emin’s Messy Bed Shattering Record Shows Female Art Surge

British artist Tracey Emin was in the crowd when “My Bed,” her unmade bed with rumpled sheets, empty vodka bottles, underwear and cigarette packets sold for 2.5 million pounds ($4.3 million) on July 1 at Christie’s in London, more than five times her previous high.

Watch out guys, female artists are on the rise.  Popular artists have historically been predominantly males but these women are breaking the mold.  In fact, “six women set personal records in the past two months” at various auctions.  One piece by artist Joan Mitchell sold for $11.9 million just two months ago marking the highest sale price ever for a work by a woman.  

The art world has just been another of the many industries in which women are getting merely cents to every dollar that her male counterpart makes.  Until now.  It appears as though women are closing the gap as collectors are starting to value “undervalued works that may become lucrative investments”.  Of Mitchell, NY gallery owner stated, ” it is becoming apparent that she is equal to her male peers — de Kooning, Kline and Twombly — and that her prices were kept back only by her gender’ “.  

Times have changed and it’s about time that the art world takes notice.

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