Everything Ends: Joe DiMaggio’s Hit Streak Snapped Today in 1941

Save a few epic outliers all of baseball’s records are in danger of being broken these days to the point where the sport’s history books should be written in pencil After all the current narrative on today’s players is as recycled as Spotify’s Top 100 They are bigger faster and stronger.

…Except for one.  One hundred years ago today the greatest streak in (arguably) all of sports history ended as baseball legend Joe DiMaggio’s unrivaled hitting streak concluded at an impressive 56 consecutive games.

No player since then has even come close to touching DiMaggio’s remarkable consistency.  The closest thing to Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak came in 1978 when Pete Rose made a personal best of 44 straight games.

It’s hard to be good but being that good must have been exhausting.  Hats off to you, Joe. 

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