Thanks to Factory Entertainment, money can now buy three dragons

Looking for some exclusive loot to pick up at the San Diego Comic-Con? Factory Entertainment has you covered.

Factory has been gradually showcasing their list of SDCC exclusive collectibles for a while now, and their most recent additions to the list show some love for Game of Thrones. Headlining the duo of items is a set containing adorable baby versions of Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion. That’s right, these are plushies of all three dragons in one irresistible package. Even those who have never seen Game of Thrones could fall in love with these extra small collectibles. The set is priced at $35.00.

Veering further into fan territory is the Hand of the Queen bottle opener. Sporting “the same antique silver finish as the Hand of the Queen prop worn by Tyrion Lannister,” this will most certainly be a great ice breaker when cracking open a cold one with fellow nerds after the convention. If you aren’t already using a memorable bottle opener at home, this is definitely an item to consider. The Hand of the Queen is priced at $20.00.

Both the dragon collection and the bottle opener are limited to 1,000 pieces each. Those who pre-order now will be able to pick up their items directly at Factory Entertainment’s SDCC booth. If you can’t make it to SDCC this year, the items can also be shipped to your home following the event as well.

For those who don’t pre-order, Factory Entertainment’s SDCC exclusive collectibles will also be for sale at their booth. However, as was warned in our SDCC Survival Guide, this does not guarantee they’ll be in stock when you get there. The Game of Thrones collectibles are only two of the ten SDCC exclusive collectibles shown off so far, so make sure to check out their full list if you’re interested. Fans of Back to the Future, Deadpool, and comic books in general won’t want to miss out.

Written by TimM
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