NECA Alien Covenant Xenomorph head shot

Based on the 2017 film, this NECA Alien Covenant Xenomorph features over 30 points of articulation. It also features the typical bendable tail and the extendable inner mouth. If you stand it straight up, it is about 10 inches tall, but it’s still to scale with the other 7” figures.

NECA Alien Covenant Xenomorph movie pose

Honestly though, who’s going to stand it straight up? One of the things that I feel marks a great figure is the ability to manipulate it into iconic poses. One of the most recognized poses for this particular xenomorph is from the scene when the humans are leaving the planet. The alien jumps on the window and attacks. This is a challenging pose because the legs are in a really awkward position, almost completely spread sideways. For any toy to be able to do this and still support itself would be really cool. Well, I have some news for those who have never tried it… This figure can actually do that split!

NECA Alien Covenant Xenomorph movie pose jaws extended

NECA has constantly pushed their articulation game, and I think this is near the most points you could possibly add. I’m sure technology will prove me wrong in time, of course. The one thing I can say about the articulation that I really wasn’t able to get a handle on is that the head will not move all the way back so that it’s in line with its back.

NECA Alien Covenant Xenomorph upright on base, prowling

The coloring or paint application is as you’d expect on these figures. I mean, NECA has been doing Alien figures for about fifteen to twenty years now, so it’s no surprise that they have their game on point for how these things should look. The dome is translucent so you can see the skull underneath, a clear call back to the first Alien movie. The rest of the figure is shadowed and highlighted to show the textures around the body.

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NECA Alien Covenant Xenomorph foot

Some odd features about this particular xenomorph include the organic muscular build. It’s missing most of the biomechanical Giger features of the original Alien. The hands are more human looking, just long and skeletal. The feet look more like the ones on the Dog Alien from Alien 3, and they are articulated as such. The tail comes to a point but lacks the flair at the end that eventually became a thing. The tubes on the back are also very noticeably closer together, but I don’t think that would hinder the head moving back into position as I was talking about before.

NECA Alien Covenant Xenomorph up close on face with extended mouth

The extendable mouth is a little challenging to get out. The jaw comes down pretty far, but for whatever reason, once the inner mouth is tucked back into the head it kind of gets stuck. This might just be an issue with the figure I have. Just be careful so you don’t break it or get it jammed. I will note that the inner mouth is also really long compared to what I’ve seen on previous figures. I’m not sure how much this is based on the movie and how much is how they designed it for function. If you pull it all the way out the whole piece is a bit loose and floppy. You can use the outer jaws to keep it in place though.

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NECA Alien Covenant Xenomorph detail shot of left side

This figure pretty much perfectly resembles the exact alien from the Covenant movie. As I said, it also functions just like it with the poses you can make. The tail is better than previous tails in my opinion. It’s easier to bend and doesn’t look like it’s putting any stress on the rest of the tail to do so. If you do stand it up, the design of the feet will almost surely require one of the NECA bases. I tried for a long time to get this thing to stand on its own in a natural pose, and it just kept falling over.

NECA Alien Covenant Xenomorph detail shot front

As far as how creepy this thing is, I think it’s probably the most disturbing looking Xeno of all the canon movie figures.

You can still grab this guy, though it’s going to probably run you $20 if you get it from China. It will be $40-$50 if you buy it online from Amazon or eBay in the U.S. It seems to be sold out at other major online toy retailers, which, since it’s over a year old, is to be expected.

NECA Alien Covenant Xenomorph in packaging

If you’re really into the Alien franchise, and you don’t mind the changes Covenant made to the creature, you should have this in your collection. It’s a cool figure that you can do a lot with, and the value is going up, even if just a little bit. For being so skinny, it is pretty sturdy and tough. I’m sure I’ve dropped this specific figure enough times to have broken all its limbs at this point. I’ve certainly pushed it to its limits with bending and posting.

Written by Mr. Frights
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