Since her introduction as a playable character in the Arkham City game, the professional cat burglar has been a hit! In Arkham Knight, she spends a good portion as the Riddler’s hostage restrained with an explosive collar that requires a number of correct keys to remove. On top of this, there is a final confrontation with the Riddler. It’s a fun continuance to the Arkham universe Catwoman, although it would have been more enjoyable if she had a more significant playable role in the main story.

DC Collectibles Arkham Knight Catwoman holding whip.

When it comes to the figure, it is a bit of a mixed bag in more ways than one! In short, some good articulation, mostly excellent details and paint, and pretty decent accessories.

DC Collectibles Arkham Knight Catwoman vs Marvel Legends Black Panther

Long story? Well for starters, I’m always a little disappointed in how female figures are made in terms of articulation. They almost always lack double bends at the elbows in figures at this price point (30ish CAD for those of you keeping track). To add to this, they are given inferior waist crunch and diaphragm joints.

The ball jointed swivel shoulders are decent, as are the swivel hinge wrists. The knees are double jointed followed with a mid-thigh cut swivel. The (small) high heeled feet even have ankle pivot! Not bad.

DC Collectibles Catwoman vs. an older Catwoman Model

The worst parts of the figure are the thigh joints. They barely spread 45 degrees, which are pretty terrible for an athletic, acrobatic, martial arts fighter like Catwoman. To top it off, my particular model seems to have one leg flip back into standing position! I knew this going in, but I had to experience it for myself. You can still achieve some nice action poses, however. And the diaphragm joint here does allow some nicer side to side movement than others in the Arkham Knight line.

DC Collectable Arkham Knight Catwoman vs. Arkham City Catwoman

This Catwoman’s proportions make a lot more sense compared with the Arkham City version. I thought she was significantly shorter than the Arkham City version, but as it turns out, she’s pretty even.

Catwoman's Face

The paint is minimal, but they did a great job of getting a good looking face. It isn’t perfect, as mine has a spot of underpainting on the mask and the skin tone is a bit bland. The eyes and lips are done well, and the paint apps to the claws, clasps, and collar are enough to draw the attention and make it eye-catching.

The accessories are pretty decent too! Unlike the last Arkham City version, you get a coiled whip of hard plastic (removable via a large peg), four sets of hands (attacking and weapon holding), as well as a soft, rubbery whip that allows for some excellent posing options.

All in all, this is definitely the best Arkham Catwoman out of the three versions in 7-inch scale (Legacy Arkham City, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight version). It isn’t perfect, but it is definitely worth it if you’re looking for a good Arkham version. That’s all for…meow (sorry, I couldn’t help it).

Written by Jaystoyshelf
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