This figure is in the 7″ scale, yet stands about 12″ tall! It also features two interchangeable heads, two pairs of hands, a detachable wrist blade, and wrist cannon.

At this point, I think NECA is just adding joints wherever they can. This thing has double jointed elbows and knees, it’s got joints at the ankles and feet, joints at the hips, at the waist and chest, shoulders, wrists, neck; I’m almost certain this figure is mostly joints.

Some things to note:

While I LOVE this figure, the joints on it were super stiff, and I felt like I was going to break the thing just trying to pose it. This could just be the one I got, but it was rough. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as once you have him posed, his legs or arms won’t fall out of position. Just be careful not to snap something off.

Also, in trying to change the head, when I was pushing the alternate head onto the peg, I happened to knock one of the gold spike ornaments off his dreads. It came off clean, so I was able to just glue it back on with no fuss, and you can’t even tell. But watch out for that, because those things are small and hard to find in the carpet. And just be aware that pulling the hands and head off and then putting the alternates on is going to be a little challenging. At least, it was for me.

The figure is a little hard to balance. Standing on such tiny feet, having such weight to it, and being so big, it took a while for me to figure out how to get him just to stand. I also tried to use the NECA clear bases. I used one, no luck. I used one on each foot, no luck; and this just made me wonder why they put peg holes in the feet if he wasn’t going to stand on those stands. Anyway, I ditched the bases. This thing is VERY poseable, though; you just have to find the right way to get him to stay up. Good luck!

The paint, it’s typical NECA style; not bad, not the most intricate. They really didn’t miss a detail on the armored bits though. I love the way the eyes stand out from the rest of the paint. I kind of wish he wasn’t so grayish blue, but on the other hand, it makes him stand out from the rest of my Predators, and he looks almost dead-like. More menacing, I suppose.

The wrist blade slips into place with almost no effort and stays pretty well. It did come out when the figure fell over once, but I dropped that thing a bunch of times while playing with it and it stayed.

They also give you the wrist cannon in two forms. One is a cover for the hole in the gauntlet — not sure why you’d want to have that (or need it) when they also gave you the canon in an extended form. That doesn’t stay in as well as the blade on the other arm, but it’s big enough that you won’t lose it easily. You should make sure to study the photos of the figure to make sure you get the canon in the right way.

The packaging is excellent. I like anything that’s not a clamshell and will allow you to box it back up. It has the door on the front revealing the window where you can see the predator, and you get a pretty good view so you can keep him in there if you like.

The accessories are pretty small, so if you are worried about losing them, you can just use the box to hold that stuff. I did buy two of these, and one box showed up in mint condition — even the hook attached to the box wasn’t bent. The second one showed up a bit crushed on the one corner, and the hook wasn’t in the best shape, so if you’re a packaging fanatic, look out for messed up boxes. It might be best to grab this guy off a shelf in a store rather than picking it up online.

The figure is movie accurate, so I can’t complain about it in any way from that design perspective. But I do miss the shoulder cannon and some other weapons. I know this guy didn’t have that in the movie, and it’s really just me being such a fan of the way Predator has been since I’ve known the character (all the way back to when it came out for the very first time).

I’m 100% in on people getting their hands on this figure! It’s an incredible character, and what NECA did by making it scaled to the right size just makes it completely awesome. I did some shots of the figure against a typical predator figure and then when my daughter asked about which Alien would be bigger than the Assassin, I had to oblige her and took a few shots with the Queen.

You can grab this online now at about $50 including shipping. It’s a little pricier than standard figures, but it’s worth it. I’m not seeing him in stores just yet, but it shouldn’t be long now. So again, save yourself some shipping if you can and grab him off the shelf at a Target or FYE.

Written by Mr. Frights
I’m Justin Lewis. I’m an absolute fanatic of all things Halloween and Horror. For over 15 years I’ve been seeking out horror collectibles of all kinds. Combining my love of collecting with my passion for writing I review the things I collect so you know what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s downright horrific. They call me... Mr. Frights.