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Back in 2014, NECA put out a fantastic Godzilla (2014) figure. It wasn’t the most articulated, but it looked great, was heavy, and even though it was in their 7″ scale, they touted how it was a 12″ figure because of the tail. I have yet to see their updated Godzilla for the King of the Monsters movie in person, but from the pictures, it looks like they shortened the tail a bit and maybe made him a little bigger. I expect, though, that he’s pretty much the same figure with little to no significant updates other than some new paint to match the film.

Figure Review: NECA Godzilla 2014

Now, while the Godzilla figure is quite exciting, the other monsters we’ve seen so far leave a little to be desired. Don’t get me wrong, they still look fantastic! Mothra’s markings are stunning, and the base with the post to keep her in the air is great. The same with Rodan. He looks great, has some “lava” looking orange highlight edging with the stone-like texture of his body, just like in the movie. He rises out of a base that features a bit of a volcanic explosion. But looks aren’t everything.

I specifically purchased these figures to open them because I love Godzilla. It was my first series of monster movies when I was a kid; and who doesn’t love our giant hero monster? The thing is, for $25 bucks I expect the same quality of materials from the Godzilla figure. At the very least make the figures worth the price tag! NECA should drop the price if they use lesser materials. And this, boys and ghouls, did not happen.

Both the Mothra and Rodan figures are made of hard plastic. And I’m not talking action figure plastic, I mean like hard sheets of cut plastic. The Mothra figure is a bit more delicate than the Rodan figure; its wings seem lighter, thinner, and each wing is a single piece from the tip to the body. There’s almost no articulation in the figure. The legs can move front to back a bit, and the wings can move up. If you count the wings, the figure might be about 12″ long tip to tip, but the body of Mothra (while scaled to match Godzilla) is only about an inch, give or take a millimeter.

Rodan has more sturdy feeling wings, though again, made from hard sheets of plastic. The wings have one place where they can fold in midway, but that isn’t even attached well. The wing of my figure popped right off. I thought I’d broke it, but it’s just the way it’s built. The fingers on the wing and the wing itself seem very fragile. Not the “drop it, and it breaks” fragile, but “if you’re messing with it, the thing could snap” type of fragile.

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NECA Rodan with wings spread and lava paint app visible

Rodan’s wings don’t move backward to give full motion to them; they come back to about level with the back of the kaiju, and that’s about it. There’s a slight bit of extra give. If you force it a little, the wings will “pop” a bit higher than the main body, but not much. A missed opportunity. They could have made the wings from the typical action figure material and made them bendable. Oh well, I guess.

NECA Mothra in flight, with drooping wing

Mothra’s wings are barely supported by the joints and take a bit of balancing to keep them up, or they just hang level at the body. Another missed opportunity, I think.

NECA Rodan in flight over his volcanic base

The base for the Rodan figure doesn’t exactly fit the post. I couldn’t get mine to stand straight like they show in their promo photos and it barely went into the lava base. Rodan also comes with two heads. I’m not sure why. One has an open mouth, and the other is just a closed mouth head. It seems they could have hinged the jaw. Honestly, who wants the closed mouth on a monster? And by the way, Mothra comes with no accessories at all other than the base.

NECA Rodan and Mothra -- photo of Rodan in flight

There is a coolness to these figures. Their looks belie the quality and value of them. This is just my opinion, but I have tried to justify why NECA made Rodan and Mothra this way, with this price tag, and it’s just not adding up for me. I love having them, I love what they represent, I love that they look amazing. But every now and again a toy company will pull this. I can’t imagine these figures cost all that much to make. For NECA to put out something that looks like it might as well have been a Hasbro kiddie toy, that should have cost around ten bucks? It is a bit of a surprise and a letdown.

I really hope when they get to the Ghidorah figure that it really makes up for these cheap plastic figures.

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